This is officially our second day. But from the fun night of partying, hindi ko na kinaya lumabas pa ng todo this day.

Raj. V and I decided to go around the malls nalang and meet friends for dinner and drinks. We were supposed to follow with Ruffa’s part 3 party all niht but hindi na talaga kinaya! hahaha!

Our day started late… around 3pm!

Raj was laughing na naman sakin.

Rajo text: Where are you?

D: Fridays.

R: Sa fridays ka talaga kumain? kaloka!

D: Haha!

I always go to Fridays, chillis mga ganun para sure ball. haha! Hassle kasi Queen of Maling order ako kadalasan. At least dun memorized ko na ang menu. haha!

Promise hindi ako nakatingin… hahaha!

We had dinner with our Singapore-la friends! Great food, great company! This is my fave resto in Singapore. A lot of people are shocked but forte ko talaga sya! haha!

We met Rajo’s friend Anton. Super sweet guy too!

After dinner we went back to our hotel and one drink while waiting for WYA AND DIMA! Who arrived that day!

Alam nyo na ang bawal ang may gas sa swimming pool na toh. Haha!

Raj and Malu. Love you both!

Dima’s here na!

Mr and Mrs Dimacali! Bonggels! So weird for me to be typing that! hahaha!

We ended quite early, umakyat lang sila Wya and Dima to make chika sa room. Our flight was early kasi so I can rush to the Mega Terno Ball!

I like Singapore’s budget ailines. Ang bilis! Walang pila! We saw our forever seatmate there!

JM! Luv u!

V and I are big aviators fans. Pinagaagawan namin aviators. haha!

Heading back home!

Hope to visit Sing soon! I wanna see K, Tats and Randy again!

Much love,