This is the reason why we all flew to Singapore. The laneway festival! The boys gave me a briefer on the whole scene, even to the extent of comparing their singers to my one-named divas. The laneway festival originated from Australia. Usually they last for days (3-5 depending on the festival) but this one was the first in Singapore and only lasted for a day.

Honestly, Vic and I have extremely opposite music choices. But d naman ako narrow minded noh (haha!), so I was game to see and experience HIS music scene (since non-stop naman ang MADONNA ko sa house. Pagbigyan ko na nga!). They had the event in FORT CANNING. The place is perfect for festivals! The whole area is downward sloping so you can stay anywhere and have a perfect view of the stage. It’s also grassy and green so it’s nice to pick a spot to make it like a private picnic thing. So we got there kinda late because we ended our “slow” night at 5am. But we were able to catch LADY HAWKE. According to the boys tutorials, yan daw ang LADY GAGA nila minus the outfits. They were actually even debating if she’s a Lady Gaga or the Katy Perry. Sweet nila noh? Talking in my lingo! Haha! We were able to find a nice spot and buti nalang boy’s scout ang mga boys and the bought shower curtains to be used as picnic mats (our mats were so bongga kasi waterproof na may print pa! haha!). Unfortunately, the weather was not so cooperative so we didn’t get to use our mats so much. JUMULAN kasi ng JUMULAN. But whoever said “PARTY OVER” because of bad weather? I think the bad weather even made Laneway more fun. People were all dancing in the rain and some even brought inflatables and we’re sliding in the mud!

I think this is a rehearsal for our GLASTONBURY trip this summer. And I learned a lot. The festival was nice and the people were friendly and fun. I just wished that I studied or listened to the songs manlang para naka-relate ako. I wanted to sing along with everyone! Kakahiya naman kung mag wrong lyrics ako noh. Baka iwan ako ng mga kasama ko! I learned a lot, I’m actually researching more about their kind of music J PERO NO… hindi pa ako naconvert. But still, I’m starting to appreciate it na. But most of all…. I really enjoyed the company of the boys. They were really fun and maalaga. Thanks guys! I really had fun! Glasto next? J

We arrived at around 2pm.

According to them… eto yung LADY GAGA nila. She was pretty good! I liked one song about PARIS… I’ll research on that later.

Mike’s boots. Malinis na malinis pa yan…

That’s me in my little spot. haha!

We saw Rob and Val!