I met the Singapore tourism board representative LYNELLE SEOW thru HAROLD GERONIMO and TIM YAP for Singapore Zouk-out a few months ago. While we were in Singapore (thanks to Lyn, Harold and Tim), Vic found out that they will be having a music festival called LANEWAY. So right after that, he started planning our next visit.

Honestly, I’m a shallow music fan. Hanggang commercial lang ako- Beyonce, Shakira, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie. All one named artists. haha! Vic is quite excited for Laneway. Sorry, ang alam ko lang is GateWAY mall and GreenLANEs bowling (na sarado na ngayon).

I have to pack my suitcase so i started researching about it. Para pala syang SINULOG levels. 9 bands are performing and congratulations to me… I don’t know a single one. For the whole music fest i think I only know 1 song which is SWEET DISPOSITION by TEMPER TRAP (I had to research that pa). And I only know SWEET DISPOSITION because ROBBY CARMONA usually plays it for fashion shows.

listen to “SWEET DISPOSITION” here!

Anyway, after looking at the pictures and website more. I’m actually now quite excited to go. I think 2011 should be my year of experimenting with more music choices. I like the things that Vic plays but I’m honestly drawn to the more common and popular songs that they play on the radio. So wish me luck about this festival. Hopefully I learn something and get to share it with you guys. 🙂

lanewaysCheck out LANEWAY MUSICFEST —> CLICK ME!

PS. So rock ba yang mga artist na yan? Vic said INDIE… what is INDIE? I just call things INDIE pag INDIE ko sya maintindihan.