It was a rainy day when we left Manila. Our flight was at 6am, so syempre we need to check in earlier… so we got there at around 4:30am. We missed the Republiq anniversary because ayaw namin ma-haggardo Versoza ang peg in the morning and it was raining pretty hard so I wanted to make sure walang stranded na ganap. I was also closely coordinating with my ONDOY relief group in case we had to deploy.

So thank God that a lot of our Ondoy areas learned from Ondoy and Pepeng and we are more prepared and organized. Happy to report that they are all ok.

So we got to Singapore at about 10 am. V was the planner for this trip so sya may hawak lahat ng ganap. We got a good rate for the hotel plus super center pa. It’s right on Orchard! So bonggels!

Grand Park Orchard Hotel

Don’t give V ideas.. biglang gusto mag DO-IT-YOURSELF ng cabinet…

Sabi ko kunan ang kwarto…. Eto ang resulta. With emote pa.

We quickly rushed out so we can meet Ruffa and the group for lunch. They arrived a day before us.


V’s always the photographer of the group… Now, he has naman a vintage camera with him. HOY, hindi ko mabloggg yan! haha! Papa-develop and scan pa yan. HASSLLLLEE!

D + V

We went to Esplanade to eat lunch at my fave resto… NO SIGNBOARD! If you visit Singapore, please try out NO SIGNBOARD resto at Esplanade. Actually, mas shalang version na nga yun eh, alam ko meron silang branch na parang turo turo talaga.

It was sunny and warm!! Bakit ko ba naisip magdouble layer???

We saw Rajo there first! Too bad Nixy was in NYC 🙁 But as usual, parang mommy na naman namin si Rajo, sabi samin “Halika na nga kayo. Kulitan kayo ng kulitan”

Esplanade has a nice view of the bay

Chikahan about my Gay marraige bill in NYC kasi andun si Nixy.

Ayan.. huli na naman bungisngis!

V loitering around with his camera. VINTAGE DAW. D ko gets….


Not everyone can make it to lunch dahil tumodo celebrate sila the night before for Ruffa’s pre-birthday party. So it’s just Cristalle, Garlic and Ruffa who joined us

YUM! Bongga tong order na itich!


Group photo!

Pasensya na sa gutom ko nakalimutan ko kodakan yung main dish. haha! Basta when you’re there order the chilli crabs!

Ruffie needed eye make-up remover and curlash so we decided to go to Marina Bay Sands Mall since hindi parin naman ako nakapunta dun.

Kawawang V 🙁 sya kasi official photog all the time. haha!

Weekend in SIngapore. HASSLE KUMUHA NG CAB! We had to wait for an hour to hail one! Ayan, mali pa ata area namin in hailing a cab…

Not paying attention kasi eh! hahaha! We went back to the Taxi stand and saw this…

Ruffie and I waiting for a cab

Rajo is kitikiti.. kailangan palaging may binabasa, ginagawa.. ayan. ewan ko kung naiintindihan nya yung billboard. Haha!

We finally got a cab! After 48 years! hahaha!

The mall was so huge! I met some fierce followers also! Bongga nyo lang, best in friendliness kayo! 🙂 I LOVET!

We saw the others in Sephora! Ang dali talaga hanapin ng girls..and dong! hahaha!

On the way back, quick thinking by V and Rajo. The taxi line was super long again. We took the free shuttle nalang and got a taxi elsewhere!

I was so excited to the party that night. Kita nyo yung parang flying saucer sa taas? dun yung party ni Ruffa at night.

Will post our the party soon where I saw Karylle! So excited to see her! I really went to Singapore to see her too! I miss you warrior K!

Much love,