Smart Rewards x ZAPtag
Who doesn’t love loyalty programs? Kulang nalang magdala ako ng filing cabinet sa dami ng “suki cards” ko. I actually get free trips by converting points to miles! Free gas din minsan! So eto bagong paandar! More points, more fun! Posted the instructions!
First off, what is Smart Rewards anyway?? It’s sort of our loyalty program where you get rewards points to get freebies and exclusive discounts; one of those freebies/discounts is the ZAPtag card. To register your Postpaid line to Smart Rewards, just send REWARDS to 9800. If it’s your first time to do so, your six months’ worth of rewards points will still be counted! For Smart Postpaid lines, it’s P1.00 = 5 points. So for instance, if your previous bill for the past six months is P2,500 x 6 months = P15,000 = you instantly get 75,000 points. Here’s the conversion from Smart rewards points to ZAPtag points:
That’s 300 ZAP points instantly! ZAP points are good as cash (1 point = P1.00)!  Now that you have an idea on what Smart Rewards is, here’s the main reason why we partnered with them: they really have a wide array of partner establishments! (!/merchants?sort=highest-jackpot&show=25&page=1) Once you have a ZAPtag card, you may visit any partner merchant and start earning more points by entering your mobile number in the ZAP terminal in the partner merchants or by turning your SMART Rewards points to ZAP points! Also, you may use your registered Smart ZAPtag in any ZAP partner merchant to get 5-20% cash back points. Cash back points depends on the restaurant; ex. a restaurant gives 10% cashback points, so if your bill is P2000, you instantly get P200/cash back points! Postpaid subs can get additional freebies to the ff merchants:
Full list of partner merchants can be seen here:!/merchants?sort=highest-jackpot&page=1
For more inquiries on the ZAPtag, you may read:!/how-it-works/faq
D ba ang simple? Pati mga cellphone charges nyo may points na!
Avail nyo itey! Agad agad!
Much love,