People have been asking m, ok fine demanding…haha! Na-share ko how I get to do everything in a day.

Honestly, It’s good time management. The only time you will really see me doing nothing is pag-may sakit ako. I guess, since working student akitch dati, sinanay ko na sarili ko na always on the go. But aminin narin natin, you can run but you can’t hide from age. Haha! I need extra power to finish all my schedule that’s why suking tindahan ko ang Healthy Options.

I drink a lot of multi-vatimins because may pang hair, liver, kidney, skin, digestion at kung ano ano pang makita kong feeling ko kailangan ko. But with the numerous tablets, hello, kidney naman ang worry ko so I like it when I find products na “built-in” ang ganap.

Enters SMART C, it has 500 mg of vitamin C so i save myself from drinking one more tablet. Haha! I drink one in the morning and another during merienda. So built in na yan Vitamin C ko! I have been drinking the product even before they asked me to endorse kaya bonggels.

Health is wealth guys! Sana may fountain of youth na in a bottle! haha!

We all had to fill up our I CHOOSE campaign… I said “I CHOOSE TO BE A VOICE (for our beckys), A SHOULDER (for you to cry on..yes kayo yun) and A HEART (I am all yours guys!)

Anton Del Rosario

Si Mareng Liz!

RJ Ledesma

Rissa Mananquil (Nag abot pa kami sa Ateneo, we used to do the college fashion shows together! haha! YES, MICH DULCE YUNG SHOW MO! haha!)

I love how pataasan ng heels ang peg ng girls! haha!

Lemon is my favorite. I like lemonade kasi eh!

Pomelo is the fave at home. So keri, para wala akong kahati sa lemon ko. haha!

The orange flavor reminds me of my fave childhood drink, kaya keri ng mga inaanak ko toh.

Again, Health is Wealth! Prevention is cure 🙂

Much love,