Multifaceted (d ba, parang diamond???!!!??) Casting! 🙂


Rissa Mananquil

RJ Ledesma

Liz Uy

Me as a blogger (kapal ko noh? vlagger na talaga? haha!)/ traveller

ODC advocate

Construction and Retail

But even with all my roles… I am a VOICE, a SHOULDER, and a HEART ABOVE ALL. 🙂

Medyo late na naman akitch but why not! I think this came out of SUPER in INQUIRER a week ago.

But ok lang, I already posted about SMART C naman before.

Although we got more photos! Fun! This time they showed our multifaceted lifestyles. Each person has more than one role in life… You can be a mother, entrepreneur, writer, blogger and much more. And that’s what Ive been saying, no one can limit what you can and want to do. Ikaw lang ang may control dun. But for everything, the biggest limit we have is our bodies. SO guys, chaka ang may sakit. HEALTH IS WEALTH. So, let’s all be millionaires! Take care of your health and don’t forget your vitamins!

So since, health is wealth and gusto ko bongga kayo. Watch out for my TWITTER! Mamimigay tayo daily ng Smart C! Yes, kahin kahon of Smart C!

Much love,