Spice Up your Day with the new McDonald’s McSpicy


It’s finally here! YES!

 photo Redcopy_zpsd115d499.jpg


Pwedeng na sight niyo na itey somewhere else, sa ibang bansa, and we finally have it! I love spicy food! Pag becky nights monday, ubusan ng sili levels. So Super excited to know finally andito na sya! THE McSPICY!

Perfect toh because McDonald’s really researched on the Pinoy taste on spicy to get the perfect mix. Hindi super anghang and hindi kulang. Sorry, but na try ko na nung June 11 palang! hahaha!

And bongga din ang presyo! For an individual burger at Php80.00 or para sa mga package deal na meal with regular fries and drink at Php115.00 or kung bet nyo more is many-er… Php135.00 for medium fries and drinks!

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We were there for the TOP SECRET LAUNCH!

 photo 20130611_144443_zps6467631a.jpgBongga ni Max, color coordinated! haha!
 photo 20130611_144511_zps63783527.jpg
 photo 20130611_144522_zps51f207f8.jpg

Camille was also there!
 photo 20130611_145021_zpsf4748677.jpg


I got a McSpicy shirt! Edit ko na toh mamya! yey!

 photo 20130611_145042_zps28b42043.jpg


They explained to us how they researched the perfect ANGHANG sarap!

 photo 20130611_145314_zpsfaef07af.jpg



 photo 20130611_145608_zpse0f42dcf.jpg


See how crispy it is??

 photo 20130611_145625_zps35d02119.jpg


And gusto ko yung idea na kung ano sa ad, ganun talga sya!

 photo 20130611_145630_zps42ec443d.jpg


Sorry, di nakatiis.. nilafung ko na! haha!

 photo 20130611_150146_zps92b3b1d7.jpg


Congrats McDo for this new addition… and yes, permanent sya! Hindi lang trial!

 photo 20130611_150651_zps9d8bce4d.jpg

RUSH TO THE NEAREST McDonald’s and try this McSpicy! Also, on Sunday, they are giving away 100 free McSpicy per branch for Father’s Day. 11 am – 2 pm / until supplies last!
Much love,