This is a super late post because I had a hard time arranging all my pictures in my baul… Well, more like my messy desktop. Usually when in a rush I have a tendency of saving files with stupid names. For example I edited file name REPORT 2011. Then i’ll edit this as REPORT 2011 final when i edit again REPORT 2011 super final then again REPORT 2011 promise final na toh, then minsan meron pang LOOK HERE ETO NATALAGA REPORT 2011… and so on… Ayan, ako mismo naguluhan!

Most probably you guys have already seen my tweet about my good friend and classmate from middle school Stefanie Walmsley.

I met Stef in Grade 7 when I first entered Brent. She’s literally little Ms. Sunshine. Always smiling and giddy. She has always been talented and during our school play “Annie” we we both played orphans. Isa lang ang may singing line dun. So sa taas ng confidence level ko nag-salabat ako the night before and sabay todo naman ako sa audition. Judgement day came pero mukhang nagpadala ata si Stef ng Ensaymada sa teacher (haha! JK Stef!). But kidding aside, bongga talaga si Stef. You may recognize her because she had tons of commercials and she was a host in EAT BULAGA. So gets nyo na talented sya d ba?

Last year I was invited by a good “angel” friend to NYC with Vic. We made singit narin a shoot for P&P/Pond’s plus i tagged along with the Cosmo team narin. I met with Stef. And she didn’t metion anything. Bruhang toh! Pa-humble! She didn’t even say anything about being bongga in NYC! Haha! We had lunch and went around like 2 kiddies back in high school. I really love this girl. She’s the sweetest.

She left work early to meet me! Sweet mo! V was injured that day, he ran around central park that morning. Ayun, feeling macho pero parang hiphop maglakad sa pagod.

She brought us to eat in her have Pinoy resto!

Stef and Martin

Lunch wit the Brentonians!

Brent was such a small school that everyone from all batches are pretty close! Macky is a batch or 2 (i think) higher than us while the girl in the end of the table is Cheryl who is also in our batch.

So guys, eto na ang chismis! haha! She got nominated for an OSCAR! Yes, hindi oscar the grouch but yung BONGGANG OSCAR AWARDS! I’m so proud of her!

Here’s a briefer about Stef and about the film.

Stefanie Walmsley, born and raised in Manila, Philippines just received word that “God of Love,” a short film that she produced in New York City was nominated for an Academy Award.

Walmsley has appeared in numerous local commercials including a popular one for Modess, and hosted Eat Bulaga while in high school at both Brent International School and the International School of Manila. Her acting career started in Repertory Philippines, and she eventually moved to New York to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She continued her career in entertainment by freelancing for HBO and is now an independent producer of an Academy Nominated film!

“God of Love” is a short film directed, written and starring Luke Matheny. The film is the story of a lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion (Matheny) who finds his prayers are answered – literally – when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts. The film has gone on to win over a dozen prestigious festival prizes and was conceived at NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts graduate program. Stefanie joined Luke’s NYU classmates, producers Gigi Dement (A Filipina-American) and Ryan Silbert in producing the project that shot over the course of ten days in New York.

“This whole experience has been amazingly surreal. It’s literally a dream come true for all of us. Luke is incredibly talented and often jokes that he did the right thing when he brought a Filipina on board!”

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PS. Beckling force din sya because she helped out with the VILMA-JL-LUCKY movie in NYC 🙂