Finally home! Ayan may time na ako for a long post 🙂

After Moscow, time to move to another Russian city…ST. PETERSBURG! First time ko so of course I was super excited!

Our flight was pretty late so we arrived at around 5pm.

This is what I saw in the airport….

Bongga! May “CHILL OUT LOUNGE” ang airport! haha! Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun? Pang cool na mga utash or pag nilalamig ka.. CHILL ka lang dyan. haha!

After the airport we went straight to the hotel to change. And of course no-fail na naman si Tessa!

Tessa and her outfit!

Ok, since I have more time to type now, I can actually share some of the historical facts I learned in Russia.

Our first stop was THE CHURCH OF SPILLED BLOOD. Obvious sa name, may spilled blood na naganap. Yes, hindi nila inibento yung name meron talagang storya at hindi lang sila nagpaDUGO ng manok or kambing like how people do in construction.

The real name of the church is the RESURRECTION OF CHRIST CHURCH. But because of the history behind the church. Nagkanickname sya (Oh d ba, very me.. may story kung vaket BECKY QUEEN ang nickname..haha!)

This marvelous bonggang bonggang church was built where Alexander the II was assassinated thus acquiring the name spilled blood. The church was built by Alexander the III as a tribute to his father goose.

Behind me is the actual “spilled blood” chuchu.

Mosaics all over the whole interior of the Church. I was talking to the group sabi ko, kung isa ako sa gumawa… papaassign ako malapit sa ceiling para kung magkamali hindi pansin. haha!

Hindi sila galit sa CHANDELIERS! haha!

The Tessa pose and the cross over! FACE OFF!

D + V

Icons for sale inside the church. Tita Connie gave me Icons so no need to buychung! Nakatipid 🙂

Spilled blood chuchu

Scale model of the church

Baby Jesus at 8 years old. We rarely see photos or artworks of Jesus during this age.

The walls are filled with mosaics and photos of life of Jesus. Grabe talaga kakakaloka the work that was put in this church. Kaya hindi surprise na medyo ang tagal lang bago natapos. Work started 1883 and was completed 1907.

Pagpasensyahan nyo na, malabo nang makabalik ako dito soon so inavail ko na ang photos ng bongga!

After that we got a photo stop in from of St. Isaac’s cathedral.

D + V



The boys!

Bongga this rebulto kasi the only support it has are the 2 points of the horse’s back legs.

We didn’t go in the cathedral this day because we arrived late na. So sa mga next days nalang.

From there, halatang tom jones na kami kasi straight from the airport ang ganap namin. We went to Teplo for dinner. Ang cute ng resto because it makes you feel like you’re just inside a house. Home cooked meals din ang sineserve.

I wanted to give you the details pero hindi ko maspell. haha! Figure out nyo nalang form the card. haha!

The menu!

Cute wall photos. The resto is quite big, meron mga rooms na parang sala and game room but sabi ko nga gutom na gutom na akitch. Hindi ko na kinodakan. Surprise nalang yun para pagpumunta kayo.

I know we are not the first Pinoys here but we were able to put a flag sa map!

Friendly squeeze! I love Malu. She organized EVERYTHING! And super sweet nya talaga. It’s my first time to travel with her pero super bongga nya talaga. Super bait. They said you learn most about the person if ilang linggo kayo magkasama 24hours a day. I must say na I’m so lucky to have met her. She’s a real gem.

Group shot! V taking photo again so imagine nyo nalang sya nagphophoto! 🙂

More on St. Petersburg on my next post!

Much love,