Our second day in St. Petersburg started very early because first on our agenda was Catherine the Great’s palace! One hour away ang drama nya kaya medyo kailangan early bird award kami. Catherine the great is also girl power. She opened one of the first school for girls in Russia.

Ang chizmiz is that si Mareng Catherine ay hindi kagandahan at inakit ang Czar. She was famous for her kadami daming love affairs but we didn’t hear much about the details so hindi ko mashare sa inyo. I bought books though so hopefully I discover more info and share ko sa inyo after.

So back to the palace, I’m been to Versailles in France but I have to say, masbongga ang interiors dito in my opinion. GRABE lang sila ka extravagant. Check out the photos to see!

We started the day with a Grocery stop over since mahaba ang byahe.

Me and Raj

V, Tessa and Rosan with the caviar that we didn’t buy. Haha! Mahal eh! Russia is famour for caviar by the way.

Catherine the Great palace is famous for it’s WHIPPED CREAM or CAKE architecture. Actually, this palace was really for Tsarina Ekatarina so when Catherine got it, hindi nya feel yung whipped cream architecture and had some of the rooms redesigned. Masyado daw extravagant and old fashion yung design. So nag-inarte si Lola Catherine.

We weren’t allowed to wear shoes inside baka masira ang flooring or baka nagtitipid sila sa linis. Instant bunot na tong pakulo nila.

The entrance. Hindi din sila galit sa MOLDE.



D + V

Inaantok si NIXY! Gaganti ako! haha!

Look at how intricate yung moldings nila.

Scale of the whole palace

I love how the blue tiles are pang heater lang. KALOWKA! pati yun may design!

This room reminds me of the hall of mirrors of Versailles. Siguro may labanan si Catherine at Marie Antoinette sa pabonggahan!

Sample Banquet. Maloloka si Manang if ganito ang preparation ng breakfast! Buti nalang kahit sa platito keri namin lumafang.

Door after door after door. Mahirap magtaguan dito. Matagal mahanap. haha!

Our queen Tessa was such a star. A little kid ran up to her and hugged her! Cute!

V the photog!

Catherine the Great’s gown. Buti nalang hindi na uso toh… Maliliit na ang pinto ngayon. Mahahassle na naman si V sa akin. haha!

Despite the grand palace. Ganito lang ang kama nila. D ko ma-gets. haha!

I wanted to share sana the AMBER ROOM with you guys but bawal magphoto. So i just got a photo from the net.

The palace is actually very famous for this room. Lahat Amber. But the funny thing is… the room we saw was not the original amber room. In 1941, the palace was taken over by Nazia and ransacked. They blew up and burned the whole palace. The Amber room was supposedly taken to Germany and waley na. D na masight. So they had to recreate everything.

Upon leaving the palace. We saw this man playing violin. NAKKKS!! ANG ROMANTIC!



D ulit. Wag aangal, blog ko toh. haha!


Tessa and D

Nix and Malu

D + V + lots of snow!

Wait for the part 2! Madami pa akong chika!

Much love,