The people you meet at fashion events are not limited to designers and editors. Most of the time, you hang out with brand managers and corporate fasyon people! And our February fierce follower judge is a dear friend of mine who falls in that category.

Meet my good friend and Globe Head of Broadband and Landline Marketing… DONG RONQUILLO!

Gwapo noh? Kaya magaling magmarket toh eh! haha! Kidding aside, I know Dong as a very jolly and fun person to be with. During Tessa’s last christmas party, we were part of a smaller group who invaded Tessa’s kitchen (and yung ORCHID! haha! sorry, inside joke :)) We started making chika with Tessa’s manang and making drinks for everyone. Dong is the sunshine of the group. Palaging nakangiti yan and FIERCE ang suot! Follow him on twitter @fiercedong. No joke! Fierce talaga sya! The twitter name says it all!

When Dong started talking about Globe Myfi. I realized that if there is one thing that made my tumblr barkada it is by being connected all the time. Since I started tumblr, para akong lalagnatin when I can’t find an internet connection. I really hate it when I’m forced to look for an internet cafe to open humungous attachments on my email that the blackberry fails to open. So what’s a better prize for february than your very own GLOBE MYFI!

Para sa mga indie…Indie updated. I’ll give you a briefer on Globe Myfi.

Globe tattoo Myfi is a device that allows your wifi connected devices to access the internet. In short, you dont need to connect it one by one to get internet connection. This cool little gadget will do the work for you. It can connect up to 5 devices at one time with surf speeds up to 2mbps. You don’t even have to physically connect it to the devices. Bongga noh? Ganun sya ka cool! So bye bye to looking for internet cafes!

To learn more about Globe myfi:

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So for everyone who wants a chance at having their own GLOBE MYFI! Bonggahan nyo ang fierce photo! Remember Dong is our judge. Say something that will please him (hint hint) haha!

Much love,