I’m a fan of promos! I recently discovered this website and bonggels nya ha!

Remember when V and I did a bora get away?


Well, this time I joined a promo! haha! Hino ba naman hihindi sa libre d ba?

It’s really no fuss, malay nyo manalo kayo! I think it’s a good promo for love birds out there, or kahit na magbarkada!

Technically, you just have to fill up!


I really want one of my fierce followers to win! Balitaan nyo ako! Update me if nagjoin kayo by commenting here! I wanna know sino ang WINnie monsod!

GOOOOWW! Attack 🙂 Malay nyo magkita pa tayo dun 🙂

Click this to join!


I’ll be posting promos that I find on the net here. Para maka-full avail kayo 🙂

I guess what i really like about this is full package na. Kulang nalang pati suking tindahan. haha! It’s nice because you don’t have to worry about the extras 🙂

Much love,