From our old Swish contest!

eto na ang naganap!

Sorry for the delay, nahirapan kami ng slight mamili! 🙂

So our winner!!! Congrats! eto yung blog post nya 🙂

SWISHto a New Beginning

As a F&F Blogger (Food and Fahion) and Chef by profession, it’s very important for me to dress nice, look nice and feel nice. Same thing when it comes to the food that I cook. The appearance has to be colorful, mouthwatering and the taste must be delicious. But wait, there’s more! (hahaha! LOL) Yes, you do look good but not confident enough to socialize because you’re afraid that they might notice that you have this not so nice smell when you started talking. In order to have that confidence, capital “F” is all you need! (it’s not the bad word you’re thinking neither Facebook. LOL) F is for FRESH BREATH. Yup, you read it right! In our everyday life, especially in the industry that I choose, Fresh breath is a must!

Sad to say and I hate to admit that I once had a problem with my breath way back from high school because I’m not that conscious. It’s embarrassing! >.< Oh well, I moved on. Hahaha. So after suffering from that nightmare, I came up with the idea of having my own brushing habit. Brushing alone is really not enough guys! Seriously!

So I have here my 3 steps to a healthier mouth:

First Step: Baking Soda + Lemon Juice/ Calamansi/ Water

Brush your teeth with the mixture of Baking Soda and lemon juice or calamansi. You can also use water. It helps whiten your teeth. Do this approximately 2-3 times a week.

Second Step: Commercial Toothpaste

Any brand of your choice, just your regular brushing habit.

Third Step: SWISH Mangosteen Mint or any flavor is fine.

Gargle Swish for a total freshness! Fresh breathe all the way! Yeahbah! Hahaha!

So you can be this close to your idols!

A perfect smile posing with the most amazing people. Me with Tim Yap and supermodel Raya Mananquil.

With Armo my love of SpongeCola. hahahaha!

Finally, with my fashion idol. The very beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, loving, approachable, the nicest of them all, Madame Becky Miss Divine Lee!


*********** Oh d ba, nilagay pa yung photo namin.. hindi ko niluto toh. Swish ang namili! haha!

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Much love,