Tatler Feature! Tatler tribes!

Thank you Anton San Diego for bringing all of us together!
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Here are some BTS of our shoot!
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 photo P1010432_zpsf76e0ab9.jpg
I love shooting with friends. It makes “work” enjoying!
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 photo P1010442_zpsef27a260.jpg

It’s not easy to get a perfect shot with an army like this! Great work Frank and Anton!
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 photo P1010446_zpsc08510aa.jpg
 photo P1010447_zpsa629597c.jpg

 photo P1010451_zps93541ca7.jpg
Love the chikahan portion befor the actual shoot!
 photo P1140381_zps1d512a62.jpg

 photo P1140383_zps377a6a96.jpg

Hello Frank!
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 photo P1140387_zps80c846e9.jpg
 photo P1140388_zps7aa46fed.jpg
We had a mini bday celebration for Atticus!
 photo P1140391_zps7a259b93.jpg
Tim and Anton!
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 photo P1140417_zpse80b1290.jpg
Charina and V!
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 photo P1140426_zps3056b47f.jpg
Love the details of this RAJO dress!
 photo P1140439_zpseea50a13.jpg
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Please grab a copy of The Philippine Tatler September Issue!


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