Betamax, VHS, VCD, LASER DISC!!!

Oh d ba? Very old school! This morning, ginising ko ng maaga si V before his taping and before my work so we can ransack the bodega. Ang dami kong na-achieve!

My secret to a clean house… Hidden Bodegas!

Anong sinabi ng gubat dito? Good luck to V! haha! Yes, pinalabas ko lahat yan! haha! I only have one bodega and obviously too small for all of us. Yan ang final product.

I told V it’s somewhere there…..

And another one in Milan’s room…. hmmnn…

Actually, I had one goal in mind… San na ba yang mga lumang VCD, BETAMAX and VHS ko? ACHIEVE! I found some old players! Honestly, kahit anong sentimental ko, hindi ko na toh magagamit and ewan ko nalang kung may mauuto pakong bumili nitch. Buti nalang may promo ang Philips starting tomorrow!

It’s called THE GREAT BLU-RAY SWAP! People should spend a little time in their bodegas today para hanapin ang mga luma nyong VC, VHS, BETAMAX, LASER DISC (Yes, kahit hindi yung autoo-flip. I remember watching Schindler’s list sa laser and 4 na beses akong yumayo to “flip” the disc), DVD players and any other movie players (working or not working – oh d ba? bongga!) to swap for a Philips Blu-ray player BDP 2700 for only Php 8,990.00!

I actually got one earlier but andami ko pang i-swap so rarampa ako sa swapping areas bukas after work!


OPEN SESAME! V and I are very excited to buy Blu-ray films later!

Cute control! Bagay sa nailpolish ko 🙂

Tara na! Here are the mechanics!

1. Bring any old, working or non-working player (hindi kasama ang walkman at casette..hintayin natin kung magkakapromo din dun) to trade-in with a PHILIPS BLU-RAY PLAYER BDP @&)) for only Php8,990.00 (That’s a Php6,000.00 from the original SRP of PHP 14,990.00 – Guys, asa pa kayong may bibili ng Laser disc player nyo for Php 6,000.00! haha! Chance na toh!)

2. Surrender your old player and the promodizer will get the old unit and place a “CERTIFIED PHILIPS BLU-RAY CONVERT” tape on the unit (Parang sash ng Ms. Universe! haha!)

3. The promodizer will get your BRAND NEW LASER DISC! Choz! haha! BRAND NEW PHILIPS BLU RAY PLAYER BDP 2700 and place the same sash to indicate the application on the discounted price.

4. Paychung na kayo sa cashier for your new player at PHP 8,990.00! At alam ng Philips na mahal na ang rampage at gimmiks ngayon so you can still use an installment scheme na 0%!

5. BILISAN NYO because this is only valid from MARCH 15- APRIL 3, 2011! Takbo na sa participating stores: Anson’s (The Link, Pasig, Pasong Tamo, Landmark, Trinoma, Trilandmark, Cash and Carry) or Robinson’s Appliances (Metro East, Lipa, S&R The fort, Pampanga, Galleria, Tagaytay, Novaliches or Marquee).

Tatakbo na kami ni V dun bukas! SEE YOU!

Much love,