Steffy! or Stefanie Walmsley 🙂

The Oscar’s season is an exciting time for all of us! Well, masbongga sya ngayon because we have a pinoy nominee!

I already posted about my friend Stefanie Walmsley and her film. Now, lemme tell you about our adventures!

Stef messaged me in a panic mode that she still doesn’t have a gown for the Oscars. IN MY MIND “Girl! Oscar’s yan! Ako nga na hindi nominee may damit nang nasa-isip! pati speech ko na formulate ko na! haha!” So in a hurry, i messaged her back “will send you 3 dresses from 3 designers. wait ka lang and don’t worry na!”

Honestly, i knew it was a difficult task. 3 days before deadline (i computed backwards when we had to send out the box to reach her in time) and kailangan tumodo ang GOWN! I so wanted a pinoy to walk in a pinoy design! Another obstacle on hand was… walang measurements and fitting! Oh gosh, kailangan panalo her gown!

Immediately I called my 3 favorite designers na sanay din mahaggard sa mga rush jobs for me. First on my list was RAJO. I called him but he didn’t answer (snabera! haha) but he texted after a few minutes that he was having lunch so i called him parin (makulet noh? haha)

D: RAJJJJJ! Emergency! I need a dress!

R: Sure, for what?


R: Artista ka?

D: Gaga! My friend is walking down the Red Carpet, she’s pinay and got nominated. PUHHLEEASSSE!

R: No problem!

D: I need it in 3 days.

R: No problem! Send me her measurements and pictures.

D: um, walang measurement basta size 4 or 6 sya. Ikaw na bahala!

R: Haha! ok, will send sketches in a bit.

Rajo is always a sure thing! A few minutes I got a sketch! may option pa! But this is what we chose!

Next call was to Charina Sarte. I called but she didn’t answer (what’s up with people not answering my call? haha! Halata atang makulet ako!) So I just texted her.

D: I need you to make a dress for my friend for the Oscars.

C: Keri.

D: I need it in 3 days!

C: Haggard ka gurl!

D: hehe! keri mo yan!


we had a couple more text exchanges that vary from … STRESS KA GIRL! Hinaggard mo akitch! Parang project runway toh ha! hahaha! Sorry Chari! I love you for finishing the gown in time!

I forgot to save the dress Chari made but it’s a one shoulder with mixed layers (the party in the front, business is the back kinda dress! haha!) The front part is short with a long train in the back.

I will post photos once I get from Charina 🙂 HERE IT IS!

Last text was to MARTIN BAUTISTA!

D: Sis! Wanna dress my friend for the Oscars?

M: OMG OMG OMG! (i took that as a yes. baklang bakla talaga si Martin)

M: Dios Mio Santisima! (with lots of emoticons)

D: Ok i need it in 3 days!

M: Bibili ni ako tela NOW!

This is what Martin did for Stef!

He did this is green chiffon!

We did it! With kasamang pang harass sa DHL! haha! Bea Valdes also sent her clutches for Stef with our package. I can’t wait to see all her photos!

Just awhile ago, we saw Steffy on that red carpet! In Martin’s green dress! Ang lola mo, kinakalikot pa daw ang bag while on the Red Carpet. That’s what I love about Steffy, she’s so real and funny! Kung ako yun, baka nag wave pako sa camera at bumati! haha! She loves all the outfits and she will be wearing it for all the other events! I’m waiting for her to go back to the hotel to give me photos of all the outfits!

Will update you guys!


Much love,