Your blog about Wyanet’s bridal shower is so heart-warming! Whether or not the process was stressful, you made it sound fun and NOT stressful at all.. She’s so lucky to have you and Florence! Her sister Kristine has been one of my best friends since 5th grade, and Anicka a close friend as well.. hopefully they can do the same for me haha . With you and Flo as the Maid of horrors (has a nice ring to it haha), I’m sure the wedding will be extravagant, as you both have excellent taste! PS how were the cupcakes? :]

D: May bayad na nga ang services next time. Inquire thru hahaha! It’s not stressful kung mahal mong tinutulungan mo. And medyo ilang beses narin ako na-alagaan ni Wya during my drunken nights. Balik taya lang! Haha!

Much love,