Hello! quick post! Ayan ha! i just got to the hotel but since kerikeri at alam kong demanding kayo will post na! 🙂

First of all, In booking any trip I have a couple of tips.

Try to prepay your bookings hotel and all para yung gastos secured na. And all you have to bring is you pocket money for food and shopping. The problem kasi is we want to avoid bringing too much money and maxing out our credit cards so better if you can prepay. SOme hotel will even give you bargain rate if you prepay.

Know the country! Best in shock ako when I realized one of my cellphone is not working! yikes! So try to contact your network before hand.

So here are some Tokyo tips!

It’s actually my 2nd time in Tokyo, but yung first time ko 6 years old ako. So medyo wala akong mashashare sa inyo! except ang bongga ni Minnie Mouse sa photo namin na naka display sa dining room. Haha!

The airport is quite for from the center. Mga 1 to 1.5 hours away. Taxi will be too expensive so you can opt for a bus. But some buses will just drop u off a stop. Sa bilis nilang maglakad dito, yung malapit sa kanila, ang layo satin so we got the Airport Limo Bus. Reasonable sya coz it’s a bus service that you avail of in the airport. And the bus drops you off sa exactong hotel mo.

We got the flight to Narite at 2pm thru Pal. v was able to get this beautiful shot of the sunset!

From getting your bus ticket, wait in line sa airport for the bus. Meron signs so it’s pretty easy. We also changed some money in the airport. Since newbie akitch, airport talaga, but I’m sure i’ll find better rates na money exchange. Will update you!

No makeup look! Bagong gising pa. Notorious ako na magaling matulog sa plane. Haha!

This is the bus!

V as photog again.. part of our Travel group! Nixy and Rajo, Dong of Globe, Robby came a day ahead and we are waiting for Liz to fly in! Georgina and the gang dropiing by too! but Wala na ata ako nun coz I’ll be flying to LA for coachella!

Japan is beautiful at night!

First stop is our hotel which is called CERULEAN. Usually, we have a team leader, Every hole week kasi we have a travel group nila Raj. So they picked this hotel. Wit ko naman bet magmarunong, parang first time ko! Bongga ng hotel. It’s near Shibuya crossing (parang timesqaure nila) and malaki in fair ang rooms in Japanese standards.

So technically, they gave my 5 minutes to get ready! KOLAWKA! Ano toh? AMazing race? buti nalang mabilis ako mag smokey! Choz!

Our first stop…

Medyo mahal ang shoksi ha! a teniute ride was about 1500 yen. Mga 750 pesos ata.

GONPACHI! Remember yung action scene sa KillBill? Dito yun ginawa! Bonga yun place! Must visit!

This is the entrance bongga sya! So at may cherry blossoms na ganap…

Ayan oh! may Proof!

The resto deserves an individual post, AT inaanTOKYO, JAPAN NA AKO! haha! pasok!

Will post tom!

Much love,