Topshop relaunch! YEBAHHH! Topshop is one of my fave stores. I like how masmabilis pa sila sa ala-una sa trends. Whenever I’m in London, first stop palagi yan!

Buti nalang bongga ng TOPSHOP and they expanded na! In London, 3 floors ang ganap! So hindi pa tayo sa departments store levels, but keri!

The nice thing about the launch was that thy gave 50% for the first 100 customers, then 20% for all the customers for that day. They had a VIP opening from 4-6pm (yes yan yung ni-raffle ko through my FB fan page (yes, add nyo yan, i’m doing VIP raffles, event passes at kung ano ano pang ganap.. maybe even my garage sale through FB)

After 6, palengke levels na! Parang end of the world ang drama! haha!

Check out the line! Bongga nung nanalo ng mga VIP passes!

The blue shorts on the mannequin, ganap na in-achieve ko yan 🙂

In my TOPSHOP gear! I super love their high waisted shorts. Nakakahaba ng katawan! 🙂

Maggie Wilson! Bongga sa haba ang legs nya! 🙂

Teacher Georcelle!

RIch of Amazing race.

Bonggels ni Bianca. BLONDINA! And so happy to si IZADORA again!

Bea Soriano!

Orns, Belle and Georgie! George, don;t worry one-on-one kita how to curl your own hair! haha!

And the gang’s complete! Yes, totoo, nagpalit ako ng outfit! haha! I super loved the top so sinuot ko na sya. haha!

Gawsh! I forgot my camera so fail. Nakihiram lang ako ng photos. So anyways, when I got there they told me to pick someone to style for a contest. Ayoko pumili from the VIP list (VIP na sila eh..haha!) so i went to the parang EDSA revolution na linya sa labas. Since best in particpation ako, I got the best in participation! haha! The loudest scream and that’s THEA! I actually made a new friend that day.

Nakakatawa kasi ayaw nya masyado magsalita and I wanted to make sure she gets the items na forte nyang suotin because maraming photo op at kodakan! 🙂 Gosh, hope she can tag on FB page our photos so I can include sa ditich sa post 🙂

So guys, if you have photos of us, tag on FB fan page bacause natatabunan if twitter nyo ako mention 🙂

There’s Thea behind me in white! haha! Yun lang photo ko eh! haha!

Can you see the crop wide leg pants na pleated? I got that! Bongga nya lang!

Blondina Bianca and Ferdie Salvador na ka-school mate ko din. Sya ang pinakanakakatawang host! haha!

Floral tights/leggings! Perfect for Extreme outfit! haha! 🙂

I’m addicted to white tops! Check this out! ganda din nga bagsak 🙂

DJ Alex from Brazil


I really want to include our photos in my post, so next time you see me and have kadakan moment, tag nyo kagad sa FB so I can include in my posts ang mga fierce beauties nyo 🙂

May chance pa, so tag away! I’ll edit posts! 🙂

Much love,