Toyota Vios Cup 2015!

We recently had a quick trip to Cebu for the Vios cup!
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Ang tarush! So many celeb drivers and ganap! read more to see our adventures!

Of course, we are #YeyeBonelling again! With my fave travel partner, Jeremy!
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Bongga this race because fair start lahat! All using the same cars so it’s really all about the skill!
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Here’s Phoemela! Tarush si Ate girl, parating leading yan. She won the highest score for female!
 photo P1480684_zps4rintk4e.jpg
SamYG is the winner for the whole leg!
 photo P1480685_zpsje7xozag.jpg
Derek placed second, pero una sa puso ko. choz!
 photo P1480686_zpsy73dxvjp.jpg
Jinno was one person who had an accident! Pero nothing major, pang dagdag excitement lang!
 photo P1480687_zpsu7fphgna.jpg
Fadio Ide was also there. Kahit mainit, lahat ng girls hindi ininda ang init! haha!
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Kylie Padilla was also there.
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 photo P1480691_zpsi15opyoo.jpg
 photo P1480692_zpsbkttbule.jpg
 photo P1480693_zps12tdkkdt.jpg
Wala kami sa list of racers. Haha! Pang question and answer lang kami!
 photo P1480698_zpsvhyuniub.jpg
Sam YG said “I knew i saw you. Naka heels sa gravel” hahaha!
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Congrats SAM!
 photo P1480706_zpsi1nk4ctb.jpg
 photo P1480707_zpsukppf89k.jpg
After the practice run, and qualifying round!
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 photo IMG_0126_zpsyugkmkrw.jpg
 photo IMG_0140_zpstrgbyoyr.jpg
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Congrats Sam!
 photo IMG_0149_zpspkablnwe.jpg
Take a look inside the car! it was a 3 days event so masaya! We all got to chill after!
 photo IMG_0165_zpseqag7uhw.jpg
 photo IMG_1355_zpssujb35qx.jpg

Here’s Sam’s awarding! In fair to you ha! Basta driver, sweet lover!
 photo IMG_1358_zpsooldmesc.jpg
Hi Phoemy! Proud of you! Phoem’s been doing pretty well with all the legs.
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 photo IMG_1361_zpszzelrjwn.jpg
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Of course, I will include this beautiful sunset of Cebu!

 photo P1480710_zpsnjqnrhhq.jpg
 photo P1480712_zpsnk12ojpu.jpg
Blake is a racer from Cebu and an old schoolmate. He brought us to TOPS para #sunsechasers another kami ni Cheffy!
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Looking forward to more VIOS CUP GANAP! Never knew racing could be so exciting and fun! Para syang camp! 
Much love,