Traveling (hindi sa basketball ha) is my biggest vice and biggest gift to myself. I will gladly skip shopping to see new sites and libre naman magkodakan so gow.

There are usually a couple of things I consider for the budget when I’m traveling (dribble dribble..choz!).

1. Transportation

2. Hotel

This next 3 will be in another post. EYYFORT na kasi yung unang 2 sa haba.

3. Food

4. Tours / sights

5. Shopping (if may extra budget)

Aside from the needed hotel and transpo, i guess our biggest indulgence is food. Forte ko talaga lumafang, deadma na sa mahal na sapatos but gow sa mahal na lafang. But hindi din often.

So here lemme share some good tips with you guys.

1. Transportation

a. Flag Carriers

Flag carriers are the big airlines like Cathay Pacific, Pal, Japan Airline and most often than not masisight mo yung name ng country sa brand name. Pricier itich but always be on the look out for good promos. Some of the best promos are not exactly through the airlines but thru partners such as credit cards.

Example number 1: HSBC charge slip promo

You just need to compile charge slips more than 5,000.00 then you can automatically get a free trip to asia. Check the link I posted above.

Also, Make sure to enroll in all the Frequent Fliers mileage (all the planes have specific one, magresearch nalang kayo before you leave). Such as Asiamiles, Mabuhay miles and much more. When you travel, make sure present your card for the airlines dahil may points yun then eventually you can claim it as free tickets, upgrades at kung ano ano pa.

CONVERT YOUR POINTS AT I-AVAIL LAHAT NG PROMO! haha! I do that my credit card points to miles. Then hotels can also be part of miles. So always be on the look-out for loyalty clubs.

b. Budget airline

This is what i usually take for short flights and europe because bongga talaga sya. They are smaller airlines bt make sure you check in advance because i got tickets na inter europe for 10 euros! Ganun ka mura! But of course, hindi sya full avail! haha! You have to pay for baggages, minsan sa chaka kang airport (so check where you lang minsan kasi 1 hour away) and all. Some of my favorites are EASYJET, RYAN AIR for Europe; Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific for Asia. Madami pa check nyo nalang kay manong Google.

You can check SKYSCANNER for the cheapest rates where ever. After getting the schedules, check nyo din sa home site of the airline.

c. other modes of transporation: Don’t be limited. We also tried taking overnight trains, eurail all over europe, buses, minsan pa nga boats. So depends talaga where you’re going. I made daya pa nga some tickets by claiming student pa ako. Haha! Quiet nalang, baka hulihin ako. haha!

2. Hotel

a. Phone a friend: Haha, best and cheapest way. Maaga palang imessage nyo na sa FB if you can stay with them. Also be very polite and courteous.

– bring pasalubong

– clean up your mess. Hindi hotel yan kaya wag kang mag kalat

– respect their space (baka may roomates sila), wit ka naman lakad ng hubad levels

– don’t force yourself

– wait for an offer naman (wag ipilit ang sarili)

– anything more than 3 days medyo off na unless closeness kayo

– offer to pay for something

*** I haven’t tried couch surfing but meron daw ganun. You go to a couch surfing site and you can sleep on someone’s couch. But make sure to read reviews ha and be ready to share your own couch when they go. And do at your own risk. Mind your manners also. Anything thru the net please be careful.

b. Motels, Inns, bed and Breakfast, hostels, bed space, backpacker way

The cheap way for accommodations. Search the net and always check reviews.

I got to TRIP ADVISOR for tips. I also put reviews lalo na kung kumag. haha! We got robbed in Barcelona before but that’s for another post.

c. Hotels on a budget

Look for hotels on the site. They show naman rates na comparing all the hotels. I usually check HOTELS.COM or EXPEDIA or AGODA (this is my fave).

d. Hotel promos

You can join sites that hae hotel promos such as JETSETTER but madmai parin. They have flash sales of certain luxury places.

You can also avail of luxury hotels using your miles! So bongga yun!

I will also make another post of all the site you can check to get deals. In all honestly, patience lang talaga. Yan ang ginagawa ko.

3. Guides

– internet : USE YOUR Mr. GOOGLE! Yun talaga ang best although there are a lot of nice guides you can buy or check on the net.

Lonely planet

LV guide para sa sosyal

Wallpaper guides are more hip than LV

Luxe guide so luxury nga 🙂

I also like buying travel magazines because they are more up-to-date. and I like cutting the photos for my inspiration box 🙂

I have to run but for sure I will give you more travel tips. How to choose restos, markets, sights to see, when you don’t need a tour guide, etc.

Hope I was able to help!

Much love,