I only enjoy going to the gym when I’m with my beckies. But I don’t think they enjoy my company coz I usually distract them from their workout. I’m known as the THE FAKER in the gym. I would go to my friends and just make them chika the whole time. I tried to get a trainer but even my training sessions ended up as chika moments. It came to a point that MILAN would sneak out to go to the gym because if i saw him changing into gym clothes sasama na naman ako. And wala na naman magaganap kung hindi tawanan at chikahan. Then I use the excuse na “galing lang ako sa gym eh” to eat after.

So that’s why i started running with Iza Calzado because wala talagang chance chumika dun. Mabilis si beauty queen tumakbo. haha! But when the rainy days started… I had to stop running and look for other ways to exercise.

Charina Sarte and Rajo recommended TRX. They were all raving about how good REEMA was! So we decided to try it. Vic and I have been doing TRX for about 6 mos now (wait baka umalama si REEMA- Hindi regular yun ha). So for those asking kung ano ba yung TRX. Here’s you tumblr post!

TRX means total resistance exercise. It’s a type of exercise that uses your own body weight and gravity to lose weight, get fit, tone and build strength. It’s nice because difficulty can be adjusted just by moving your stance so there’s no need for additional weights.

If you want to learn more about this exercise. Check out STYLEBIBLE’s post below.


I think Reema adjust her prices to 750.00 per session now. But she has packages you can avail of.

Contact her thru twitter @reemachanco.


Can you see how red Vic was????

Ok, I just had to post this. They always laugh at my MADONNA outfits during TRX. Sorry na! Wala akong leggings na pang work out! I have other leggings naman so sayang if I buy pa! haha!