How many times ko na nasabi how much I love Tessa?

She’s the funniest and most caring person I know. Aside from that, sya ata ang nakakaintindi sa pagkaiyakin ko. Watch out for extreme and you would see how iyakin kami. In chorus pa ata minsan! haha!

One taping day of Extreme, Tessa went up to me and said… What’s your charity again? Sabi ko Childhuas? Sabi nya, let’s play who wants to be a millionaire for CHILDHAUS you want?

Of course na-excite ako but more than that kinabahan. It’s an opportunity for the kids to get something big this christmas. So everything on my schedule was moved to accommodate the taping of the show. Actually, right after kasama ko dapat yung bagets but medyo na-late ako sa christmas party namin because I had to do the game.

Here are some photos!

Best in pose kami while bossing is still in awe sa “smart casual” namin. Tessa and I spoke and decided na GO FOR GOLD ang theme namin. Honestly, we were hoping maka10t man lang sa prize!

SUPER HAPPY that we were able to raise 400t! Actually Tessa even got the right answer for the 60t but we chickened out! Nakakatakot kasi mawala pa yung 400t sa mga bata eh.

With Dr. Rachel of Childhaus who helped us with one question.

We actually finished all our lifelines.. hehe! Rajo even helped us with one 🙂

Pagwala si V, ganito talaga photos ko. hahaha! Walang photog! haha! V was setting up the childhaus party kaya d sya nakasama.

Thank you TV5 an who wants to be a millionaire! You guys made our kids very very happy this christmas.

And of course, thank you to my angel TESSA, i know madami ka din charities but she opted for Childhaus. After she saw the kiddies, she told me pa.. I’M IN THIS WITH YOU FOREVER. I love you. Whenever they say that the most bongga about you is your outfit.. i will always rebuttal that the most bongga is what you don’t see. Masbongga pa sa todong outfits nya ang puso nya. We love you!

Happy new year guys!

Much love,