Tweethearts! I know a lot of you guys, girls and beklings are looking forward to this day. In our relationship, I have to admit V is the sweeter one but I’m funnier. So in the end, I compensate for the lack of surprises. Kasi lahat ng sinsasabi ko nakakasurprise. haha!

He’s been surprising me left and right so I decided a lot of people would like to know what they can do for valentines. Here are some of our “personal tips”.

1. SUNSET WATCHING – We used to do this a lot with our SUNDAY GROUP. We called it mumomoments sundays. V and I weren’t a couple yet when we used to do this. Pick a good spot in Roxas and watch the Sunset from there. Bongga narin if pwede mag street food festival kayo. I think it’s cute and out of the box. If you wanna go all out… Magbiking narin kayo! haha! Cute!

2. Prepare a candlelight dinner! I think this is cute. When V was making pa-cute palang, he would cook right after our ULTRA runs. Akala ko gutom lang talaga, nagpapasikat na pala!

3. Videoke! Aminin nyo… who doesn’t enjoy singing duets???

5. Make a collage of pictures, a scrap book or video of you guys!

I don’t have a collage but I got a painting!

6. Pa-andaran mo nga mga linya at gimmick sa pelikula!

Example 1- Give a rose every subject or class nya. Give a total of 11 roses. During dismissal stand at the exit with the 12th rose! OH D BA? CHEEZY!

Example 2- Go to a clay making class ala “GHOST”

Example 3- Pretty woman dress scene. Pagawan mo sya sa LUCA (hahaha!) then send her a dress for your valentine’s date!

7. DVD love story marathon- Get your best picks for DVD night. The Notebook, 50 first dates, Sana maulit muli (classic toh, ilang beses ako pinaiyak nito).

This is cute! Make sure you have popcorn!

8. Watch a movie or a concert!

Watch My Valentine’s girls or watch K’s Valentine concert at Ayala triangle. My best boy bud just saw the sessionistas concert. Sana sagutin na syyyyaaaa!

9. LONG DRIVE! Out of town! – This option doesn’t have to be expensive. Pwedeng balikan. Tagaytay, Subic , anywhere basta may change of scenery.

Labor day weekend with the army!

If you have a weekend break much better! Masmadaling ma-inlove pag busog. So lafang lang ng lafang! Enjoy the view. Pinas has a lot to offer. 🙂

10. Last and the most important. LAUGH A LOT. SMILE A LOT. ENJOY EACH OTHER’s COMPANY.

It really doesn’t matter how you do Valentines. What matter is you love and enjoy one another. The sweetest memories I have are the simplest ones (Sisigan sa pasig, bulalo sa tagaytay…shiet, bakit puro pagkain???). In the end, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

Happy Valentines!

Much love,


PS. Ganyan ang nagagawa ng may sakit. May time magpost.