Sorry late! Our Valentines feature by Carlos Concepcion for YSTYLE!
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Habol ako!
Divine Lee, entrepreneur, model and hostVictor Basa, actor, model and host

How long have you guys been dating?
As odd as it sounds, we count Christmases spent (together) instead of years. We also opt to not have a “manufacture date,” so in turn, no expiration date.
How did you first meet?
We first met in school, back in Brent on opposing houses. But we never really looked at each other in any other way besides as friends.
What makes your relationship work?
V: Appreciation and consideration for feelings and idiosyncrasies. Laughter as well: we crack up over the silliest jokes, we are each other’s greatest comics.
D: I’m cute! (Laughs) We’ve been friends for the longest time. I guess that’s the strong foundation.
What is the sweetest thing you’ve done for each other for Valentine’s Day?
V: Divine actually cooked for me last Valentine’s Day. At first, I was wondering why she kept asking me to check out this place, fix this, go elsewhere, etc. Little did I know that she was whipping up a storm in the kitchen.
What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?
V: Time off without any distractions, and doing things together for the first time. New experiences help you grow and strengthen your bond. It’s amazing how insane but also profound conversations you can have with your partner are when it’s one on one.
D: Peace on earth. Can he give that? (Laughs) I want V to cook dinner.
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Oh d ba? peace on earth talaga! hahah!
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