Alam nyo naman na best in wrong spelling ako. But deadma! VARAKAI, VAREKAI! However you say it bonggels sya!

We are so lucky that napadaan sa atin toh! I really wouldn’t miss it for the world! V and I were so excited when we were given tickets! THANK YOU EON!

I don’t have photos because bawal magpictures inside. So instead I got the photos on the net. Baka kasi gayahin daw sa perya. choz! haha!

I’ve seen a couple of Cirques before but I really liked this the most. I guess kasi may humor na nagaganap. It was cute and funny!

Here are some photos from Varekai!

Naku, hindi ko dadalhin si Kermit dito.. Baka anong maisip pasuot sakin.

Try to catch the show! I don’t want to post a lot of photos. Baka spoiler eh!

For tickets:

Much love,