We only had one full day in Sweden so dapat ala-amazing race ang ganap namin.

Nixy and I were planning to sneak away and just go around the city..hehe! But they said sayang naman if we don’t see the tourist spots. Si Rajo pa talaga sabi sakin “AY, hindi ako papayag hindi ka makapaglook of the day sa spots. haha!”

So our day started with breakfast in our hotel. We are such a big group that we occupied most of the breakfast area.

If there’s one thing I noticed about Stockholm, mas casual and relax ang utash here. They seemed friendlier too. Maybe it’s the weather? I saw how weather affects talaga person’s mood.

Breakfast with Fierce DONG!

Ayan na RAJO! Nagsimula na ako maglook of the day! haha!

Read more to see our day tour and VASA (Hindi kay V haha!) museum!

Kapal ng mukha! Nagshorts na naman! haha! Wearing stockings naman in case lamigin ako 🙂

Ang fierce naman nito! haha!

Waiting for the others! Group shot thanks to V!

I forgot my shades sa Manila. SO ayan… Major fail ka dyan!

Miguel, Ben and Joseph

We took a lot of street shots from Stockholm, ang chica kasi nila!

Bato bato art! oh d ba?

Yes, nagtights na ako. Ambisiosa kasi na kayang magshorts.

We had to walk to the BUS STOP for the hop-in-hop-on tour!

Walkathon 101

Tessa is so colorful and fun! ALL THE TIME YAN! Consistent!

Ang bongga talaga nila. Parang effortless maging cool. Eh tayo matinding isipan pa. haha!

Tessa and her missing earring!

Fun company! sayang we only met in Stockholm!

The bus tour!

Double decker bus! I love et! parang LOVE BUS nung bagets ako! haha!

Galing naman ni V! Photog na photog ang feeling! haha!

Dami namin nasight na kaganapan while in the bus, but we only went down sa VASA MUSEUM.

Isa pang bongga outfit!

I love how the Pinoys are always hiding from the sun while Europeans super enjoy sa araw.

D + V (halata ba may potato chips ako sa bibig? haha!)

D + V

Touch down! Basa este VASA Museum!


D + V

Ok, a bit of info. The VASA museum is a maritime museum. May barkong nagsink tapos they restored it na bonggang bongga. The nice thing is thinking na 17th century pa itich, narestore nila like how it was! I remember during one of my island hopping chuchu sa manila, we saw a wrecked bangka…ginawa lang pang ihaw nung mga bangkeros! Well, hindi naman pwede maging museum yung bangka na nakita ko, but sana we have something like this to draw the tourist crowd.

The massive ship behind me!

V’s turn!

Hindi ko maimagine how it is to live inside a boat. Mukha naman syang malaki but what scares me is the idea na ang liit ko compared sa dagat!

D + V

It took them years before they were able to restore the ship. So from 1961-88 the housed the boat sa VASA SHIPYARD. And they treated it para hindi ma-agnas ang beauty nya.

They have interactive chuchus about what really happened to the ship.

The colors are not present in the actual restored ship. Pero kareer sila sa artwork ha! They have projector screens, narratives, models and others para maintindihan easier of people touring.

The model and the real ship


After touring the museum, we went back out to meet with the group. The plan was to split so that we can all do what we want. Some continued with the bus tour, while some explored the city. So dun kami sa exploration. haha!

Ayan, si V walang jacket. Niloloko namin ni NIXY. WOW! Local! Ang local nga may jacket ikaw ang feelingera! Ayan ginawin ka sana! haha! Here he is… nagpapaaraw! haha!

Kunwari kandid. Pretensiosa!

V and I went to SOFO. Yung parang SOHO district nila. They had a lot of stores and bars in this area. The nice thing is that they had a lot of the young designers and local brands here. I always look for independent designers more than the big brands. Aside from masmura sya than the big brands, it can look trendier and younger. Malay mo they make it big, meron pa ako nung mga first pieces!

They have so many titles in different languages! Kaya ang bigat ng maleta ko because of books and magazines!

After our long day, we all met up for dinner.






The resto had super cute interior!

Reminded me of Moulin Rouge era

The resto was huge! Mukha lang maliit but very big sa basement

The group!

V had this BIGGGGG steak! We all got from his plate kasi super sarap!

I hope we had longer than 1 day, ang dami ko pang gusto makita sa Stockholm. This will surely be on my list of places to RE-Visit!

Much love,