Here we go!

Vigan Part 2! Sorry for the photo vomit. I decided to cut the Vigan trip into 2 parts only. So this entry might be a little photo heavy.



K’s arrival! I was so excited to tour her around Vigan!

First stop we went to Baluarte. Oh say nyo? May dinosaur! San ka pa!

Vic’s macho moment…


V: Pucha you just ruined it for me….

Look at our nervous smiles…

More nervous smiles… (I’ll post a funny video of us soon!)

Ganito asarin yung tiger sa kulungan.

Nice shot of K by V

We went to the roof deck of the Baluarte building which is only open to the Singson family and guests.

I love the mountain range background.

View from the top.

Heritage street

While everyone was checking out the stores, I bullied V to giving me my own pictorial.


Sorry I just had to… I was THISCLOSE to having my picture inside the bathtub

Fiesta night #2

I LOVE THIS SHOT OF K! That night I realized that K is really my friend. CONFEERMMED NA. She started her set with the becky anthem QUEEN OF THE NIGHT then did a Madonna medley, Gaga Medley and Katy Perry Medley. IKAW NA NGA!

The venue was so full we had to set up our spot…ON THE STAGE. haha! So we were like backgrounds for the performers.


Went to Legacy club after K’s show! Check it out when you visit Vigan. It’s on Heritage street.

V chilling with the boys.

We all woke up late the next day but we didn’t dare miss lunch which was prepared in the farm! SARAPPPP!

Waiting for my “dinuyduy” and “poque poque” (tama ba spelling?)

Attacking the mangoes!

Last stop before heading home is the courtesy call at the city hall. VM Ryan really made this trip extra special. He allowed me to raid his ref in his office. haha!

I will always have Vigan as a top destination to visit in the Philippines. The food was superb, the place was lovely but most of all good friends and good company. I was so happy to be able to connect my old classmate Ryan to my friend K and company. I find it so precious when you see everyone getting along. Friends from different stages of your life connecting with one another. God gave us the chance to choose our friends. I’m very lucky to have them in my life. I THANK YOU.

Much love,


PS. Bagnet Vigan til we meet again!