First of all I want to thank you my classmate RYAN SINGSON for inviting us. 🙂

Ryan was my classmate in Brent and has been one of the most down-to-earth person I know. For the longest time, I never knew he was part of the Singsons of Ilocos. I even told Karylle a funny experience when we were younger. We all decided to go to Baguio for a roadtrip. We stopped at the PARTAS canteen. When he was saying hi to the people, i asked him “Madalas ka ba magbus kaya kilala mo sila?” …. stupid me… They own pala the bus lines! haha! That’s just an example of how humble this guy is. Through the years, we’ve been through so much as friends. I was part of their wedding entourage, ninang to their baby and many more. Now that he’s a Vice Mayor, wala parin nagbago. He’s still the funny, kwela person who used to copy math answers from me (haha!).

So when he called looking for people to bring to his fiesta. I volunteered Karylle and Sponge cola right away. I knew I wanted a work/vacay with fun people! Check out our Vigan pictures.

I don’t want to photo vomit so i’ll do this in 3 parts!

I love how they still use traditional kalesas here.

In Vigan Plaza Hotel. As usual nagmamadali kumain…

Off to the plaza. At the lobby waiting for sundo.

VPH at night

The nice church where Ryan and Patch got married. I got to walk this aisle…haha! not as a bride though! haha! I was part of their entourage.

Ryan’s wife Patch makes the cutest goodies! She was baking all day! You can order from her shop DULCELISE at Vigan Plaza Hotel.

Vigan Plaza is lovely at night. They used abel iloco for the lanterns.

We were invited to have dinner at the Capitol.

Vic, VM Ryan SIngson, his wife Patch, and my inaanak ELISE! Super smart kid! She’s just 1 yr old and she uses the IPAD!

I judged the talent night of their beauty contest.

Vic hosting! My first time to really watch him (he did a couple of our shows before but we were just friends back then) so it was kinda funny to me!

I had to award the star of the night. WIth me is the Vice Governor and Patch’s dad.

After the 1st night festivities, we drank sa plaza. I had vigan longganiza kebab! ang sarap!

The next day, I woke up to the smell of Patch’s cupcakes! I managed to beg for one before heading to the airport to wait for Karylle.

At the Vigan airport.

K is finally in VIGAN! Yey!

Part 2 will be posted soon!