If there’s one thing about me is that… I’m makulit.

But I’m being extra makulit. Because I know these kids personally.

Si Renz, makulit yun at bungi bungi kasi mahilig sa sweets but nakakatawa because he knows he can melt my heart when he smiles his Itim na ipin.

Si Dion masgusto si Tito Vic nya, boy na boy kasi and medyo one of the older kids. So parang cool sa kanya yung kuya V nya kaysa sakin. hehe!

Dalawa lang toh sa mga kiddies na nakasama namin. Madami pa sila. I love going out with them, nag time zone kami before and movie din. They are all loving kids. All different- some are quiet, some are bibo, some are malambing. But there is one thing common sa kanilang lahat….


Childhaus kids are kiddies with the big C. Every day is a battle and treatment is no joke. Both emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. But these kids.. they are warriors. They taught me strength and bravery.

I remember when we were together a few months ago. I asked one kid if he believes in Santa Claus. He said yes. When I asked him kung nakita na nya. He told me “hindi lahat kailngan nakikita para paniwalaan na andyan. Katulad ng sakit ko, hindi ko nakikita pero andyan sya”. I was really holding back my tears when he said this. Honestly, Hindi nga kailngan makita para malaman. Because he showed me true courage. How a kid like this holds on hope and faith amidst his condition. Honestly, what he’s holding on to is nothing he can see. Ang tapang nila. Idol. Warrior.

So again, I know baka inis na kayo sakin. I need your help. Please post, repost, share, tweet, fb message and all. I need you guys to be warriors for the kids. LIKE THEIR EGG! Give them this mini victory!

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6. GO THE EXTRA MILE! And convince friends who are willing to do the same! When they like have them state your name on the comment box of the eggs. put “I liked this because (your name) is a warrior.

7. Best effort (pinakamadami ma-invite) gets my… (yes, I’ll part with it for the kids)… PHILIPS HD portable video. Yes, 2nd hand na (sensya na ginamit namin sa trip eh. But I’m willing to part with it for charity, makikihiram nalang ako kay V. Gusto nyo magmessage pa kami na video ni V for all your help. Thank you!

8. Then we shall all have merienda with the kids to celebrate our WARRIORS!

Come on! Let’s do this!

Much love,