WARNING: I still have the wedding bells hangover. It’s been days and our fb thread is still non-stop. So ready na kayo, My bestfriend’s wedding post will be about 2-4 posts long. Give nyo na sakin…once in a lifetime lang magpapakasal my bestie noh!


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We woke up extra early since feelingera nga ako sa role kong Maid of Honor. I rushed to the bride’s side ng bagong ligo and wala pang ayos.

We got there and the mood was light and happy just as how we want it to be. Our bride was a little jiterry and while she was having her make-up done, nagtetext pa sya ng entourage and status of preps. To the rescue, our beckies made it so light and funny!

The conversations consisted of beauty queen pageant q&a’s and achieving JLO’s hair sa on the floor video. Honestly, Flo and I had to put on a big smile kahit kabado na kami. First, we checked weather forecast the night before and RAINY daw, 2nd Tim’s flight from Boracay to Manila was cancelled! Syempre kahit kabado, d namin pinadama sa bride.

Fortunately, God saw our extra eyyfort and binigay samin ang araw (it’s so magical because the day after and before RAIN WAS POURING) and Tim woke up extra early to chance passenger!

Some of you may not understand our dynamics but our bride is not like every other bride. She just wants to get married. Ganun ka simple. In short, Flo and I decided on everything from invites to host to djs… So if may palpak… DEADBOL kami. And more than the fear of something going wrong, we really love Wyanet and Dima. Alam nyo yung feeling na gusto nyo talagang magwork sya because you want them to be happy? ganun.

Call me biased, but even with all the close calls ng major, epic fail na pwedeng mangyari. The day was so full of excitement, love and happiness. Kahit siguro magblack-out nakangiti parin kami.

Our bride na makulit still checking on everything.

Maid of Honor Florence na tawa sila ng tawa ni Leo while doing make-up

Nante is the best sa kulot! I love him! The bride’s sister getting her hair done.

Robert is the best! All the flower arrangements were so pretty!

Robert was sooo good! We told him our bride was not so girly. Medyo straight and linear, architectural ang peg. The reception, ayaw masyadong flowers so he put… PETCHAY LOOKING PLANTS instead! It was perfect! Very chic and modern!

Kahit mali-mali na ako sa nerbios and I forgot to pick up my gown. Rajo is so dependable…he brought the gown PLUS he came to dress the bride pa!

The wedding gown. I wanted to cry when Rajo texted me that he is so happy about his work. One of the best wedding gown na nagawa nya in his life. Grabe, can you imagine being a bride? Overflowing love! And Wya and Dima really saw that. All their friends wanted nothing less than perfect for them.

The couple kept on saying how TIM was soo good in hosting, how DJ Mars really got EVERYBODY (yes, even lolos and lolas) to dance, and how RAJO was so attentive. Guest na sya sa kasal but he still kept on checking on everyone! I love our friends. KAYO NA!

The bride’s “church” shoes. We had a substitute prepared but pati yun tinanggal..ang ending? NAKA HOTEL SLIPPERS YUNG BRIDE latter part of the party!

For the entourage!

Here I was checking her make-up. I’m the most deadma sa ganito. I usually let my makeup artist do whatever. But this day super hands-on ako.

OK, You need to change music na here…..


V rushed down to check if the groom left na while we were doing finishing touches sa make-up. And this is what he saw….. the 2 families nagchichikahan. Cute noh?

The groom’s sisters. Yes, Rajo is still checking up on everyone! PERFECT NA NGA EH! 🙂

The bride’s sisters.

Our bride! Flo and I rode in her bridal car. Kaloka! Sa laki ng gown nya, para kaming kinakain ng petticoat! haha! It was a quiet ride to the church. Medyo hindi namin alam yung sasabihin. Flo got out of the car first to check on what’s happening then I stayed with our bride.

The funny part was she was so excited and nervous that she wanted to throw-up! Susko, tawang tawa ako! Sinita nya pa ako na imbis daw bigyan ko sya ng tubig, tawa lang ako ng tawa! At least nawala yung kaba namin nun.

The wedding coordinator finally called me kasi GAME TIME na daw!

Here’s our lovely bride before her entrance.

Florence Chan!


The doors were closed while rumarampa ang entourage. When everybody took their places na, this is what happened next…

The door opened and this silhouette surprised us. Everyone clapped and cried. GRABE! Naubus yung eyeliner at mascara ko this part! Binaha yung simbahan ng tears of joy!

Check out our groom! Grabe, napressure na lahat ng grooms to be. Paano daw nila tatalunin tong scene na toh! haha!

Our friends from work, school at iba iba pa!

Kino (Flo’s hubby), my kuya Alex (classmate and Kuya Kuyahan ko for since grade 7), Ino and V

Secondary sponsors – Ina, Chiara, Alta

I had to assist the sponsors in signing the documents.

Kahit gaano ka senti yung kasal. You really can’t take us out of our nature na masayahin. When the crowd asked for another KISS for the camera… SUMINGIT si NIX! haha!

Grabe, kita talaga if masaya ka sa kasal noh? Look at our couple!

Non-stop coordination kaya plagi akong nasa cellphone. We had to make sure retouch and advance party is ready to welcome the couple.

My official date for the wedding. V!

My other date 🙂

Heading to the hotel na!

I’m such a senti person that Flo and I would spend hours watching wedding videos. But honestly aaminin ko sa inyo… I never really saw myself walking down the aisle. For some girls, they dream about their debuts and weddings… I guess, I’m not girly that way. I was just thinking for the longest time, sa municipio nalang tapos kainan when I get married. But something with this wedding really struck a cord with me. When you have such a joyous day, you would want to share it with the people you love. This wedding was so joyous and happy that we were so flattered to be part of it. Hindi ako papakaplastic, I heard people talk about being a guest or entourage to someone’s wedding as a drag. Ang daming beses ko na narinig yung “hassle nga eh, ang aga ng kasal” or “sana nga hindi ako entourage para reception nalang ako pupunta”. But not this wedding. This one special day, parang natigil lahat ng problema ng tao just to celebrate the love of the couple. Touching and amazing. (Guys, hindi stir toh. Promise.. After the wedding of Wya and Dima, ang daming LALAKENG gusto magpropose and babaeng nagplaplano ng kasal!)

I have to commend the couple. Their love was so strong that nahawa kaming lahat. Dima and Wya, you guys kept on thanking us for helping with the wedding preps. Honestly, I have to thank you. You made me believe that a couple’s love should be shared. DAPAT ISIGAW at ICELEBRATE! You made me believe that I’m not just the person reading the fairytale… that every girl deserves to be in the fairytale. 🙂

I will be posting another entry on the reception and the speeches! Guys, these are not the official wedding photographs yet. I stole lang from facebook! haha! I will be posting the official photos when available na!