HEHHEE.. I’m actually quite excited to use that “Mrs.” for my friend.

So here we are for my last wedding post. Hope d kayo nabore sa airtime ng mga wedding post! haha!

After the cocktails, we went to the tent for the reception. Excited to eat kasi tom jones na ako sa kaka-bantay sa bride but more than that I was excited for the parents speeches.

Halfway through our meal, Flo started getting jittery about our speech.. OHH NOOH! Nahawa ako! Most of the time, I’m very relaxed with public speaking. But I guess this is harder than the norm. MY BESTIE’S WEDDING! Heller, walang take 2 dito. And based on my mood, iyak na ako ng iyak nung church so malamang babaha ng luha when it’s my turn to talk. I posted my speech already so balikan nyo nalang kung ano yun. haha!

My maid of honor speech: http://www.divinemlee.com/post/3736087129/my-maid-of-honor-speech

If I could paste all the speeches here I would because each speech was so important and special but medyo mahina ang memory ko.

But words are really just a small part of this event. What was overflowing was joy and laughter. EVERYBODY was happy to be there. Everyone felt the love of the couple. Honestly, parang love potion yung kasal na toh that all the couples were happy and hugging, ang daming may kissing shots and andaming na-in love that night.

What people tend to forget is that a wedding is a celebration of marriage. Hindi lang sya party at inuman (kahit masarap yun), it is an event that we are celebrating 2 people finding the perfect match in each other. Honestly, hindi biro ang maghanap ng match. Finding a perfect match is like finding that piece sa 5000 puzzle set; nakakahilo, nakakaduling at nakakalerkey. Minsan, may moments pa nawawalan ka ng pagasa sabay sigaw na “MAGMAMADRE or PARE nalang ako!”. Hello, even in fairytales you have to kiss a frog to turn it into your Prince Charming. But one thing we have to keep in mind is that in finding the perfect someone, you also have to be the PERFECT someone in return. 2-way street yan. And what is perfect for you may not be perfect for someone else. Kaya nga si Prince Charming ay nameless because YOU make your own Prince Charming. Iba iba yan per person.

So back to Wya and Dima, we always thought that Dima is a good man and the best for Wyanet. But every concerned friend would always want reassurance. I honestly felt like a parent that night. I was giving away Wya to a guy that we feel can take care of her the way we want her to be taken cared of. So with that thought in mind, we wanted to be 110% sure. And again God gave us one of the strongest signs EVER!

Weeks before the wedding, binisita si Wya ni STRESS Drilon and HAGGARDo Versoza. She really wanted a small wedding so when the pressure was getting too much, gustong magcancel at elope nalang ng Lola nyo! Kalerkey! So after a few hours of calming her down, Flo and I wanted to apoligize to Dima for Wya’s emotional roller coaster and sensitivity. Ready na si Flo sa mahabang “pagpasensyahan mo na” speech for Dima. So when we finally got the courage, Flo called Dima. What we heard was the most unbelieveable thing. Dima said there’s no need for an apology because that’s what he loved about Wyanet. ANO DAW? Ewan namin kung masochista (haha, jk wya!) etong si Dima but did he just say that he loved the worst trait of Wyanet?!?! Yung trait na paulit ulit namin syang sinesermonan about? He said he loved that Wya is so sensitive and emotional about her feelings and others and that’s one of the reasons why he fell in love with her. Eh samin drama queen at nagiinarts lang si Wya but he actually loved that about her. That phonecall really did it for us. NAKALOKO ANG KAIBIGAN NAMIN! haha! just kidding. Right there and then we knew he was the right one. If he actually loves and understands the traits of Wya that we find least attractive… mukhang bongga talaga yung gayumang napainom ni Wya.

When we heard this, solve na solve na kami ni Flo. We knew that God gave us a sign na. But what is nicer is he further reassured us. In his wedding speech….

My Friend Wya is a lawyer and was never really the domesticated type. Give her a legal battle kaya nyang maging successful pero magsaing lang ng kain baka masunog nya ang bahay. So when Dima talked about this sa speech nya-kinabahan na ako until he mentioned this in his speech…

Since Wya can’t cook. They ordered Pizza. So, after they ate na, Dima still wanted to take home some leftovers. This was the time when Wya jumped and said “OH THAT I CAN DO!” so wrapped the pizza excitedly. Dima told us…

“I can eat sandwiches my whole life, if it is Wya who will prepare it for me.”

I mean, HELLO! D ko keri magsandwich buong buhay ko. Pero d ko naman jowa si Wya so keri lang. haha! Kidding aside, with that message he really reassured us (Flo and I) and 300 family members and friends. He didn’t promise to give her the moon and the stars and kung sinabi nya yun baka nagduda pa kami. But he showed us that he is real and true. He loves our Wya for who she is. He appreciates her ng buong buo. As I type this, naiiyak na naman ako. So titigilan ko na kasi Gets nyo na toh… 🙂 Ang masasabi ko lang WYA, ANG GANDA MO! HABA NG HAIR MO!

Here are the reception photos 🙂

This is Wya’s Photobooth. Hindi kami mahilig sa “Wacky photos”… KABOWGAN ang forte namin!

The set up! That’s the pechay looking arrangement! I lovet! So modern!

Ma and Nixy (alam ko madaming Nixy fans dyan! haha)

MY FB PROFILE photo now 🙂

M.O.H. speeches

The grooms family performed! Best in LIVE sila. Hanggang Video lang kami. Tim even said.. “OH ANONG NANGYARI SA FIREWORKS NATIN?! HAHA!”

The sandwich forever speech

Through out the night, LAURENCE PERFECTO and JAY LUMBUAN, our friends na bonggang matyaga magphoto really captured people’s expressions and emotions! SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW!

I’m still gulat! MRS DIMACALI NA SI WYA!

GANDA MO WYA! yan ang nararamdaman ni Milan

Groom and his dad

Groom and his sister


Our Groom na mukhang nanalo ng lotto! haha!

My 2nd task for the night….

Rajo cutting the wedding gown!

Obvious na success!

Mary Grace (Wya’s mother in law) happy to have a new daughter!

With the groom’s sisters, Mian and Chiara. Mian was shouting “DIVINE LEE” sabay taas ng slit! I love these girlies! Feeling ko kapatid ko narin sila!

May tutol pa ba sa kasiyahan nito?


Ok, I find this so funny! Para naman akong sumasamba! haha!

FUN NIGHT. FULL OF LOVE. I wish all future brides and grooms a wedding like Wya’s and Dima’s.

Much love,