More than the article, mas-nagenjoy ako sa group. Raymond, Paolo (na dapat ako ang prom date nya, because his Kuya called me to help his lil bro for prom), David Milan, Anne, Shaira Luna (yes, the promil kid na forever kong kinukulit about the solar system), and Karen chinika ko ng bonggang bongga.

I know most of them but to have actual sit down time is fun. It’s nice to make chika about how I started and honestly, they might not realize it but they’re good on the way to their own churvas.

I can clearly see myself in them especially during that age. Medyo shy but bursting with questions. Eager and driven. Some may not realize how driven they are but the act of actually wanting to learn more and puntahan pa ako sa balur is already something else. I know that feeling na ” saan ba ako papunta? ” pero what you don’t see is naglalakad ka na sa pupuntahan mo. Usually when I have interviews, Q&A ang dating, you wait for the questions then you answer. But I decided to just blab on and on kasi nakita ko medyo may hiya factor magtanong. Ok lang yan, yang shyness na yan can be a plus at times. Dahil hindi sila nagtanong, I think they got more out of me. Hindi ako na-limit sa questions, so wether they know it or not, achieve na achieve nila yung goal nila.

It’s so cute to see younger generation directing the shots, what’s the article gonna be like, etc. Ako na mas-ATE nila, sunod lang ng sunod. Gow lang kiddies, enjoy ko yan. And no doubt, tama nga yung expectation ko. Bongga nung shoot and bonggels ng interview. When people are dealing with a younger group kasi we all have a tendency na makielam. Hindi ko style yun kasi ginaganun parin ako. Haha! I am fairly young for the industry I work with and I get that… bata lang yan moments. So I’m not gonna carry on with the tradition. You give your team the free hand so that you can maximize their creativity because honestly even if the feature is about you… This is also about them. Trust your team. Give them that time to shine and trust me bonggang bongga ka lalabas when you do that.

The article is about a dream job or dream career, dapat may matutunan daw sa akin ang readers but you know what honestly masmarami akong natutunan from them. Nahawaan nila ako ng extra drive. KUNG GUSTO MO, PUNTAHAN MO! Don’t wait! Kareerin mo! 🙂

Actually I still find it a bit funny, I’m not even halfway sa papupuntahan ko and hindi ko din alam exactly saan ako papunta. And for me to speak like I’m all set and like I’m at the end of the road sounds weird to me. I’m like them and just like some of you guys; nangangapa parin akitch. Yes, we all have goals, but we can never really say saan babagsak yun. So, knowing that fact… full speed ahead tayo. 110% with everything and spread positivity. Kiddos, malayo pa ang byahe ng buhay, nauna lang ako sa convoy (I would credit that to age though.. haha!), but when i do take a pit stop… kayo din yung tatanungan ko ng directions. So galingan nyo 🙂 I’m already proud of you guys and I’m cheering for all of you.

After the interview, all I can say is … Thank God, the future is safe and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT.

Here’s the interview.

Money never sleeps
By Anne Clarisse Silva The Philippine Star Updated June 03, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Iam not an heiress.” Touted by some as a sort of local Ivanka Trump, it might surprise you when these words come tumbling out of Divine Lee’s mouth. Evidently, this savvy businesswoman has a few things to clarify. “Contrary to popular belief, I’m not getting that big pie. That’s my dad’s, not mine,” she says, matter-of-factly, with no tinge of resentment.

Even as a child, Divine never felt all the talk about her being privileged. “My dad provided well for us, but never spoiled us. If I asked for something and he said no, I would find my own way to get it.” This motivation is what made her enterprising early on, with the grand goal of having “gimmick money.” “I wanted to go out with my friends. Since I wasn’t given a lot of money, I had to find ways to make it. I modeled on weekends then used my earnings for nights out.” Convinced that she was destined to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Divine moved to Hong Kong, hoping to support herself from the tons of money she expected to make from modeling.

Papa don’t preach: Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t familial ties but a scrappy work ethic that made Divine Lee. “What I have now wasn’t just handed to me.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t come easily. “I had trouble making ends meet, so I started to buy and sell. I would sell clothes from Mango and Zara, which we didn’t have here yet. Then, I sold cell phones and bags to my college friends. Until (eventually) I was selling houses. I didn’t realize that I was already in real estate. In my head, I was still just selling things.”

Aside from marketing the family business, Divine expanded her trade to other developers. This is where she started making real dough. “There was an opportunity in doing interiors for the units I was selling. I gathered my architect friends, put up a firm called Jagnus 10, then started bidding on minor projects painting, finishing, things like that.” Again, here was Divine starting small, working her way up scale models turned into rooms, rooms turned into buildings.

“I was getting more business from contractors other than our family business. My projects had little to do with my dad.” In fact, Divine coyly admits having to befriend people within the company to get insider information. “He would have never given it to me! Even until today, I’m just an employee there. I’m not sure why people think I’m a privileged heiress. That’s not accurate. What I have now wasn’t just handed to me.”

Familial ties that bind

Though Divine is only moderately involved in her father’s business, she understands the woes of many kids who feel uneasy about inheriting a family trade. “I get it -not liking the business, it becoming more of a burden than a blessing, even the pressure of filling in your parents’ shoes. But you should give it a try. Malay mo!” She continues, “I think kids these days are better equipped, with education, technology, and their parents’ experiences, so there’s every reason for them to succeed. The thing is, you can’t just slack off even if something is given to you.”

As for all our other big dreams, she adds: “You know, it’s all about perspective. In

some ways, family ventures are convenient because the groundwork is laid down already. Do things on the side, which is what I do with Luca clothing stores and Mansion club. Being in the family business doesn’t mean you’ll lose your soul and be miserable.”

As we wrap up the shoot, Divine goes back to her laptop, checking her tweets and responding to fan mail. She explains, “I put up this blog because I felt that people had an image different from who I really am. I put this up because I wanted to have a voice of my own.”

Clearly, Divine is out to make a name for herself, to create her own claim to fame. Evident in her drive and output is an innate capability to build her own empire from scratch, just like a true self-made magnate.

Hope may silbi yung kadaldalan ko ditich. haha! Thank you sa pag-abalang pagbasa. haha!

Much love,