I’m a big fan of reading Family sagas. Actually fine, yung una kong saga na nabasa was THE WAKEFIELDS SAGA of Sweet Valley High! hehe! Actually lahat ng edition na yun of all the characters binili ko. Forte ko yang mga generation to generation stories eh!

So when our team leader Malu told the group that we were heading to the YUSOPOV PALACE. I was so excited! Yes, may family drama toh.. In short, very teleserye yung taste ko! D ako masyado ganap sa army army levels, forte ko mga love affairs, btrayals, chuchu na drama. But then this is no teleserye, real life itich! Walang black book na Mara Clara eto, but rather history book!

So before I show you guys our photos, history lesson muna 🙂

The Yusopov are not of royal blood. Hindi blue ang dugo nila but red. haha! choz! Kidding aside, the Yusopov family are a Russian noble family in the 18th century and 19th century. Sikat sila for their massive art collection, wealth and philanthropy. But more than that Felix Yusopov is quite famous for killing RASPUTIN.

Ok, hope nakakahabol kayo habang simple pa 🙂 Have you seen ANASTASIA the MOVIE? That girl is the daughter of the Russian Czar (ROMANOVS family). Yung fmaily na yan may 4 girlets and 1 boylet na anak. But bago sila nakagetchung ng boylet, they were really getting desperate. May mga ganapa pa na hallucinations and the Queen faking a preganancy out of desparation (See, sabi ko mala teleserye eh). Anyways, finally na achieve nila magkaboy but to their disappointment may sakit yung kid.

So like any parent, super panic sila and sometimes when you’re in a situation like this. You become very vulnerable, kung baga, kahit ano basta lang makahanap ng solusyon. ENTER Rasputin. He was a faith or spiritual healer that is said to “cure” the little boy. Sabi ng guide, ginamit nya etong chorva nato and eventually was dictating and controlling a big part of the family and the countries affair. Because of this the other aristocrats plotted to kill him. And FELIX YUSOPOV being the person who killed him personally. By 1918 or the first world war, madami nang nagaganap. And the Romonovs (whole family) was murdered in the basement. Buti nalang most of the YUSOPOVS were able to escape but all they had ay yung dala nila. Kung ano lang ang bitbit yun. They left all their grand mansions, art pieces, datung, jewels and more. And up to know, everything is owned by the government. Hindi na nila na getchung ulit. Although the mga apo sa tuhod would still visit Russia.. hanggang ganun nalang….

So here is ONE of their mansions. Isa lang toh sa sobrang dami.

V outside the palace

Rosan, Nix, Me and MALU!

Kodakan sa likod ang ganap!

I was telling him na wag sya dyan. Baka majulogey sya!

Enter the palace by reading more!

May kuryente na kaya nun or mano manong isa isang kandila before? Good luck kay manang nila!

Palace entrance

Papasang YUSOPOV! choz!

Out of all the palaces I visited, this is one of the most preserved. Mukha talagang balur. Yung iba mukha ng gallery eh.

Ang liit naman ng mesa para sa dami ng silya! haha!

D + V

Masmalaki ang kama nila compared to the one in CATHERINE THE GREAT’S Palace

Madetalye sila! Pati ceiling hindi pinalampas!

The blue room

The red room

The ..hulaan nyo…. haha! GREEN ROOM! Obvious ba? haha!

They were so rich they had their own theatre! Bongga mag videoke ditich!

The tour was interactive and a group sang acapella to us!

No, hindi si V ang kumanta. SALAMAT! haha!

The preformance. Kareer! Tuturuan ko si manong driver ko ganito! para pagmaybisita may performance din! haha!

D + V


This room showed their photos on the wall. Honestly hindi ko alam anong gamit ng room na itich before. Baka catwalk pagbored sila. haha! Kidding, most probably hallway with painting since they were art collectors

D and Tessa

The photos of the rooms before. They had more painting before. Floor to ceiling. Sa yaman nila, ginawa nilang wallpaper ang art works.



Wala lang. haha! bongga ng pinto eh!

They had a lot of sculptures. I dont know if it was originally displayed outdoors.

Afte the theatre… masbongga pa sa basement because… MAY MASBONGGANG THEATRE!

3 floors and todo sa details. Similar to where we saw Swan Lake!

We were really in awe!

Bongga sila sa print on print!

The library! They even had a photo of PUSHKIN there. Ang chika, magkaibigan ang Yusopovs and si Pushkin. Aba, circle of friends nga naman. Pabonggahan!

Never knew uso na billiards before. Pwedeng pambato si EFREN BATA REYES!

Group photo!

Nagbibiliar ba sya or swimming? gulo noh? haha!

Super daming rooms. Hindi ko na alam ano toh but parang iba iba ang trip. Ngayon very Indian feel naman. Kanina colors. Bored ata sila nun at walang magawa sa pera. Yaman talaga nila!

D + V

Since medyo interactive ang tour, we went to the basement where RASPUTIN WAS KILLED. You start with the photos where the guide na BONGGANG OLGA explained the history.

Then to our surprise. May bumulaga na wax figures! These are the guys plotting with FELIX the murder of RASPUTIN. The first tried to poison him, but unbelievable malupit ang bituka at hindi na teggy si Rasputin.

This is Rasputin

More photos of the family and Rasputin. After the group of wax figures, we were led to another room. Masbasement pa where Rasputin was killed. Kasi ng nung hindi sya na-poison, Felix invited him to another place with the promise to meet his wife (baka forte ni Rasputin..babaero kasi yun eh sabi ni Olga Bongga)

In the room we saw a wax figure of RASPUTIN and FELIX! Nakakatakot! Because this is the exact room where he was killed and the statue is making us feel a little eerie!

May drama pa sa pagkateggy nya, hindi sya kagad namatay. Very serye nga eh! Sabi ni Olga, natakatayo pa daw and was able to walk out. Felix had to shoot him a couple of times! katawkot! Syempre with the idea na faith healer sya, iniisip ng iba baka d sya madeads!

Scary this area! The tour ended there but my fascination of Russian history is just beginning!

I got books on the family and I’m currently looking for that book written by Felix. He is said to be a good writer. And Malu said she’ll also recommend a nice book about the Romanovs to me.

It’s nice to learn about history. I think we should all take the time to discover the past. It may teach us some lessons or maybe even discover more about ourselves. malay nyo YUSOPOV pala kayo at ang dmai nyong palasyo sa Russia!

I’ll share what I learn about them pagnahanap ko na mga books!

I have more Russia posts coming up!

Much love,