It’s undeniable that a lot of buzz has been going around about Manila Zoo lately. Honestly, I am not one that is quick to judge. I saw the photos but malay nyo d ba? I feel like my opinion should always be from a reliable source. And ika nga nila “To see is to believe”.

Thankfully, i have friends who feel the same. We don;t want to be too quick to judge til we see for ourselves. The night when the twitter info was going around, Anne and I were coordinating as to when we plan to visit. Best in excitement talaga kami so we decided to go the morning after. So the group for the ZOO trip was Me, V, Anne and Candy.

Anne kinareer ang pagiging photog!

The star of the zoo!

Candy and V

Bummer, i should have done something to show the scale of the elephant. He looks tiny in the photo.

V taking our photo. Me, Candy and Anne. Sorry about the outfit. I had to go to the TV5 Trade launch so i made signit the zoo trip. No time to change so keri na!

AHAS KA! choz!

Me and Dyosa

I used to force my uncles to buy me toys like these! Pero what I really remember are the puppets on X sticks.

This scared me a bit. The monkey was out of his cage….

Manila Zoo area is pretty big

BEARCAT! So cute!

We saw the tiger!

The zoo visit brought back childhood memories!


The zoo experience brought back kiddie memories and established the idea that we can all do something to help.

We are currently trying to find out what exact projects we can help with. And for sure balitaan namin kayo 🙂

Much love,