Dahil invasion of privacy na kayo. Fine, Give ko na.

I will show some photos of my balur. Not dahil makulit kayo because I want you guys to get inspired in finding your own home. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment until I was about 22 years old. I was scared to buy anything na hulugan so I really saved money for my own unit.I wanted kasi when I leave the house, damit lang tanggay ko, pati mga unan, kutsara, rice cooker at anik anik, I left it in the house because to begin with hindi naman akin yun. Hindi ko pinapgauran yun, nakikigamit lang ako. And up to now, that’s still the mentality I have in mind. Kung ano yung sa pamilya ko, hindi akin yun. I have to work for my own. Harder but more fruitful.

After years of saving, a good deal came. Someone was doing a quick sale and I loved the place. So in short, ayun, yung savings ko dun napunta. I can;t have an upkeep of 2 houses so I needed to move quickly (heller, mahal kung pareho ko silang binabayaran, so kailangan extra challenge sa kabilisan). I also made sure I had a bit of extra because I had to buy everything… as in everything. Pati mga sandok, towels, bedsheets, as in start from scratch.

Sayang I didn’t get to save the old photos of the unit when I got it because giniba namin lahat. Heller, balur ko toh, dapat fit for my lifestyle. Since may pressure ng time, hinrass ko ng bonggang bongga ang bestfriend ko na architect. And we had to choose everything pa. But thankfully, we finished in 2 months. Impossible daw but nangyari πŸ™‚

So I’m making this post to introduce my housemates and star team that made our house.

Hinahap ko talaga pinakachaka or aliw nilang photos! bwahaha!

Nixy did the interior renovation of my house. It was first done By my friend Nod (will talk more about him later). The nice thing about Nixy is, kahit nung hinaharass ko syang gusto ko girly, alam nya na in the end sa masculine parin ang bagsak ko. And thank God I took his advice πŸ™‚ Because phase lang pala yun. hahah!

My bestfriend Architect Eboy. OO kahit mukha syang sira-ulo dyan, magaling talaga sya! He also lived with me together with Bambi (his Fiance) before they got engaged and moved out.

Aside from this 2, My architect friend Son and Nod also designed my house. But will talk about them in another post πŸ™‚

The housemates

TBRAM is my other guy best friend from highschool. He befriended us kasi alam nya taga Brent International School kami. Dapat pagpaparatisan nya kami magenglish. ISANG MALAKING PAGKAKAMALI YUN. hahaha! He’s still living with me up to now.

David Milan. Knows nyo na sya. He lives with me too.

D + V

Our house is one big circus. Ang dami nang tumira here and naggraduate πŸ™‚ Madami paring nagslesleep over at takbuhan ng mga nag LQ sa asawa at girlfriend dito. At one point we had about 15 people living in this 2 bedroom place! haha! FUnny kasi parang military kung lumafang kami.

So here is a tour of our house.

The sala. Dito nagaganap ang Dance kinect namin. I love the chandelier that Nixy picked out. Sabi ko kasi gusto ko ng chandelier pero hindi girly. AYAN! PERFECT!

The kitchen you saw in our Valentine’s video πŸ™‚ (look how the structure is curved and continous)

Yes, may mannequin talaga dyan so we can fit LUCA samples.

The house is about curves and lines. We want things continous so we followed the arch of the window into the wall. All the tiles are curved.

We debated about that wall for a long time until we saw the aztec looking stones. Love at first sight πŸ™‚

We babysat and they left their mark! See the little robots? haha!

Curve na naman! πŸ™‚

I don’t like door jambs again I like continuity so look at our doors. It goes up all the way πŸ™‚

Computer area _ dito si Milan nangangareer ng boylets sa net.

Our toilet. Unfortunately, years nako sa balur but ang gumagamit lang ng tub yung mga doggies ko. haha!

Floating bed para matago ang basura sa labas. haha!

V when he was still in Brent. πŸ™‚

I think the first step in buying a house is inspiration. Make a dream book and collect different photos and pegs for your unit. I have a dream book with V and we’ve been saving photos for a dream house. Matagal tagal pa yun kasi magiipon pa kami, but it’s nice to map everything out.

Start your dream book! Share it with me! πŸ™‚ I wanna see! Dream book can compose of everything from things you like, career, thoughts! Para sa tamad, make save photos on the computer, pero bongga talaga if scratch book. Rajo and Tim both have inspiration/dream books πŸ™‚ Tim is a notebook talaga while Raj is a box wit cutouts of inspiration.

The first step into actualizing your dream is actually by actually doing something. So if a dream book can be the first move (and kahit ora mismo pwede gawin) START NOW!

Much love,


PS. If you guys wanna get EBOY or Nixy for design and construction.

Contact  : Arch. JOHN TRACY CRUZ (Eboy!) – 332-22-26 (Kreativ office: you can say I recommended)

Nx Alanon : 501-3994