DIY! Invites!

One of my besties having a baby! So ayan, kinareer namin yung invites and babay shower paandar. I wanted something personal, madali naman tumakbo sa bookstore pero parang mas cute if hirap at pawis! Choz!

Obviously baby boy! I have a lot of stock paper, mahilig talaga ako mag DIY!

 photo 1_zps43d12f88.jpg

I also have a laser cutter which Kermit and I used for clothes. But even before inaavail ko na toh. It’s important to have a graph mat!
 photo 2_zpsf37ce297.jpg
You can print out different shapes and sizes from the internet. They cutter nyo lang sya!
 photo 3_zpsd52ccf2d.jpg
Don’t throw away yung pinaggupitan ha! Baka bonggels sya! Magamit pa ulit!
 photo 4_zps81149a6b.jpg
Then I matched the blue with the white!
 photo 5_zps0cbce0ae.jpg
Or masbongga ba light blue?
 photo 6_zps5e53c372.jpg
I used the light blue as a border background!
 photo 7_zps03bd6511.jpg
Remember, wag mag tapon! Magagamit pa ulit yan!
 photo 8_zpse39926f4.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc96567e6.jpg
Glue all your pieces together. Try wag lumampas para walang tsismis!
 photo 10_zpsf193d689.jpg
 photo 11_zps52412741.jpg
OO, medyo nagsisi na ako halfway. hahaha!
 photo 12_zps6210e135.jpg
Then I used the white paper parin!
 photo 13_zps032b61d3.jpg
 photo 14_zpsa7000bdb.jpg
Eto yung mga tira tira! I will use this as the giveaways tag!
 photo 15_zpsddf211ec.jpg
Invite front!
 photo 16_zpsa5bc1441.jpg
Then use photo paper to print the actual invite! (baka hindi na kayanin ng kalyo sa kamay ko i stencil out isa isa! ) but kayo! Be creative!
 photo 17_zps42043b48.jpg
Hand made envelops! I took the small letters from the main invites “button intials” design. Walang sayang!
 photo 18_zps5deb26c1.jpg
 photo 19_zps456cd23e.jpg

There you go! DIY nyo na yan! Para personal!
Much love,