Ok, before jumping on any fads. Alam nyo naman ako best in research ako. So I checked what activated charcoal is all about.I31B9184


Read more hear about this cleaning agent!

Sabi ni kuya google that the charcoal fad pala is not something new. Technically hindi sya fad because ancient time palang, ganap na sya!I31B9187

Actually, as stated by Doctor Emery from (http://www.xovain.com/how-to/does-activated-charcoal-whiten-teeth) “activated charcoal as a medicinal agent “dates back to 1550 BC and is commonly used to treat poisonings, preventing their absorption.” They still use activated in hospitals today, most commonly for alcohol and other poisonings.”


And the nice thing about this is that it whitens more over time. Chika din ni Doc that “Activated charcoal is shown to be attracted to a group of found compounds known as tannins,” she says. “Tannins can be found in common stain inducing items like wine or coffee, for instance. In theory, this is why many people are turning to brushing with activated charcoal.” So perfect sya kung mahilig ka sa mga starbucks ganap!I31B9197 Honestly, it’s hard to change lifestyle like iwasan yung coffee or wine if mahilig ka. But it’s so easy to change your toothpaste! Dahil every day ka naman nagsisipilyo (I hope, Haha!), try using one that effectively cleans and bongga sa whitening!I31B9199


I made the switch! PLUS! Bongga yung black brush nya!

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