Donate to Yolanda Victims via GCASH

Another way to help! Thank you GLOBE that aside from helping rebuild their area, meron silang option on how we can help.
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Check details below paano ang ganap!

How to load other networks thru GCASH. {example scenario is, you have relatives in Tacloban using other networks, you can send them load using GCASH (image and step by step procedure included with screencapture using a Blackberry Q10 posted below) so that they’ll have means to communicate with their love ones}

Globe GCash Buy Load is a service wherein you can purchase prepaid denominations for other network providers via your mobile phone.  You can send varying amounts of regular prepaid denominations or promos as long as you have enough balance in your GCash wallet.

Note: There are no additional charges when sending load to other networks.  You’ll be deducted only the amount you purchased.

1    1) Dial *143# on your mobile phone

 photo 2_zpseb238461.png2) Select GCash

 photo 3_zps6af60561.png3) Select Buy Load

 photo 4_zps33409c7a.png4) Select the network you’re going to send load to
 photo 5_zps3a710771.png5) Select the desired amount you’re going to buy
 photo 6_zps5f9f61ed.png6) Input your 4-digit MPIN
 photo 7_zpsdbafb47e.png7) Enter the 11-digit prepaid number of the recipient you’re going to send load to
 photo 8_zps123ae902.png8) Select 1 to confirm sending
 photo 9_zpse3f370d1.png9) Wait for confirmation messages about the success of the transaction
 photo 10_zpsc969dc88.png10) Congratulations! You’ve successfully bought load for another network using Globe GCash!
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The world needs more Love than hate. Mahaba pa po ang ganap, they need our help. A little something goes a long way. 🙂 GO PINOY!
Much love,