For the longest time, Tim and my friends have been convincing me to join TV. I love watching TV and I admire the hard work that artists put into each show, movie, performance at iba iba pa. As a bystander, I saw how V wakes up so early to go to tapings, and the long hours he puts into it- nakakabilib talaga. The key is all about PASSION.

So when I got offered to do shows before, I didn’t accept, not because hindi ko type but because i have to feel deeply passionate about something. I never start something only to quit in the middle. Same with this blog, d ba? napakaupdated. HELLO! I lose sleep na kasi demanding kayo! haha! jk 🙂 But I love how this blog became a venue and stage for everyone. And I’m willing na kareerin to as long as we can inspire more people to attack life FULL FORCE with a smile on your face!

During my whole panic mode on the recent Japan tsunamis and earthquakes. I felt so helpless. Yes, nakapagdonate ako sa redcross through texting and I even wrote a letter but I really felt kulang pa. When Ondoy happened, I had the ability to get up and do something but I felt helpless with Japan. I prayed hard and told God. “Hello God, d ko forte tong feeling na itich. Pwede bigyan mo ako ng bonggang pwedeng gawin to help? Expertise ko po yang construction pero wala naman ako magawa. And I’m sure masmagaling sila sakin sa JAPAN but I wanna do something. God, avail nyo naman yung tinuro nyo sakin. Baka ma-panis if hindi ko magamit sa mabuti.” I am always thankful for all the experiences and talents (may S talaga, marami eh… choz!) God gave me and as much as possible dapat magamit sya to help others. Believe it or not, mabilis talaga si God. I left my twitter open so hindi ko napansin that i had a direct message. So pwedeng bago ko pa hinigi, binigay nya na. Anyways, to cut the long story short. I was invited to do a screentest for EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION. First reaction ko was shock… “Ako? eh the same person who invited me to do a screentest invited me before and no appearance ako. Buti nalang naisip pa nya ako ulit”. Then next was excitement. “OMG! Extreme makeover! Gosh, lahat ng episode na pinanood ko umiyak ako. I remember even asking myself before.. sana may magawa akong ganyan! Ang saya siguro ng feeling”. Then next was a little fear “SHUCKS! Finally something that I really wanna do but…. BAKA HINDI AKO MAKUHAAAA!” – Take note lahat yang emotions in a span of 5 minutes. You know guys, when you feel that much emotions, you know the situation means something to you. Kaya alam ko na, sinagot ni God yung hinihingi ko but kahit si God hindi lahat libre. Work dapat. So during my screentest, hindi ako umarte and say na “Oh, I’ll see chuchu..” I told them, I really want this show. I want to be part of helping rebuild homes and rebuild lives. I was so nervous during the screen test but everyone in TV5 made it so casual and friendly that after awhile I forgot that the camera was there. Nagpaturo pa sila ng BECKIMESE. So bongga! Alam nila ang turf ko. haha!

Weeks after I got it! I got a text that the DESIGN TEAM has a meeting daw! Gosh! I did it! DESIGN TEAM! KABOWG! I was actually in the TV5 office early (first one for the meeting) and saw a group of people waiting. Hindi ako makatiis, I thought they were the family we were gonna help. When i went to the toilet- tinanong ko talaga anong ganap nila. I asked them, “Ate, sa meeting po ba kayo? (didn’t diclose anything baka ako pa sanhi ng leakage! haha!) so when they said no. Medyo I had to hold myself back. Ready na akong yumakap eh! haha!

So here it is guys! We will start shooting na! I’m so excited! I love how the design team, host, executives and staff of TV5 allowed us to voice our opinion about the candidates and all. TEAM EFFORT SYA. And with that being said… For sure, madami kaming matutulungan. You should see the devotion of the people there. Lahat may opinion and that means a lot because it means that WE care about who gets picked.

I really hope you exert the same effort to support this as how you supported this blog. Maraming Salamat!

So help us! Paolo Bediones ang bonggang host, Design team kami ni TESSA PRIETO, ISABEL ROCES and TRISTAN. Maam Joan, Ate weng and Kuya Xavier and all the production staff hindi na natutulog for this! SO tulungan nyo kami kung ayaw nyong maging EYE MALETAS ang EYE BAGS namin. 🙂 LET’S DO THIS GUYS!!!


So here we go! I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN! Sino pa ba tatakbuhan ko but kayo. We need to find deserving people. Please help us. 🙂

Here are the mechanics in joining TV5’s EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION!


“ang kasagutan sa mga may matinding karanasan, na magbibigay inspirasyon at aral sa bawat Pilipino”

  • A total of 12 families will be given new homes and a new start in life.
  • Families with extraordinary and inspiring stories
  • Families in desperate need of extreme makeovers/improvement to their homes.
  • Families/Subject must legally own the property to be renovated.


  • 1. If selected as a participant you must execute all waivers and release agreements required by the ABC 5.

    2. You will need to be available to leave at a moments notice for at least 7 to 10 days for the Makeover process.

    3. Applicants should be able to be contacted at any time in the future.

    4. Applications will only be considered if they are complete. Complete applications consist of the following:

    Completed Application (which can be obtained in the office)

    Photos/videos of family and house

    All materials sent (including videotape and photos) will be retained by Producers and become the property of the

    Producers and will not be returned to you whether or not you are selected as a contestant. Any expenses you incur

    during the application process including postage, shipping, materials preparation (videotape, photos, etc.) are your

    sole responsibility. Producers will not reimburse you for these expenses. Only one entry per person is allowed. All

    decisions of the Producers are final and absolute and not subject to inquiry. Unfortunately, we will not be able to

    verify that we have received your application. Producers are not responsible for lost applications.

  • OK, so to put this in my language. Please videotape, take photos of your house and send to Please also send us your story para alam namin deserving talaga kayo. At kung hindi man kayo and you want to be a modern day hero to someone who deserves it. Pwede din yun.

    GUYS! HELP ME! LET’S DO THIS! You can say you saw my post in writing a letter para madali namin maindentify.


    Much love,