If given a chance, forte kong magka rest house ng ganito (rest house kasi impossible naman ang ganito kalaking mansion sa Manila… MAHALIA ANG LUPA!).

Ok, Giverny is famous for Monet’s house. Monet is a painter na mahilig sa TULDOK. Haha! But I’l sure you’ll understand. Here is a sample.

This is a sample of his work. He has a lot and you will notice most of them are plants and waterlilies, etc. He has the most beautiful garden which he used as inspiration. Having visited the place, d ako nagugulat na inspired na insprired si LOLO MONET kasi bongga nga naman talaga.

One trivia about Monet is that during the latter part of his career, he got cataracts. So some of his paintings have this reddish tone which is a character for cataract patients. See, kung si Monet hindi nagpatigil sa mga pagsusubok na binigay sa kanya, ibig sabihin KERI DIN NATIN! 🙂

Even after his operations, he stated seeing ultraviolet rays that the normal eyes cannot see making him perceive the colors differently. He even repainted some of his paintings… like the waterlilies with a bluer shade na naging sikat na sikat.

I guess we can learn from him… we should see obstacles as an opportunity to excel. Weird, but possible. Kung kaya ni LOLO Monet, sinong nagsabing d mo kaya? 🙂

OO, fine. Hindi yan candid. haha!

Really beautiful!!!

With Bambi

The fectures really don’t do justice to everything. Masbonnga sya LIVE!

See how formal my friends are?

OK, funny story. I saw the cows behind me. I said PICTURAN NYO AKO!Then my friend kept on insisting, “Div, maliit na yung cows kasi malayo”. Sabi ko “keri lang yan!”

When I got the fectures… may point sya. Mukha ng kuto yung cows.

My friend ran to this area.. maganda daw profile pic. BALIW.

I shared a bench with this cool lolo. Try ko sya chikahin but medyo masunget. So behave nalang ako…

Didn’t I tell you guys I’m so bungisngis. Kalowka. Palaging bukas ang bibig.

SAbi ko ARMAGEDDON SHOT. ANo ba naman toh… My friends never take me seriously.

EWAN KO. Fashion shoot daw nya…

My boy bestie 🙂

Mukhang multo. haha!


We had lunch in that cute lil house. So habang fixing food, fectorial muna.

Pati kalye hindi pinatawad. haha!

Nature is so beautiful. It’s not just what you see but rather what you feel. Dito ko narealize na meron palatalagang “BREATHTAKING”. I hope we can all be more pro-active in protecting mother nature. Every generation deserves to see it’s beauty.

Much love,