We woke up extra early to check out the HERMITAGE MUSEUM. This museum is known to be one of the largest and oldest in the whole wide world (hindi charot yan! haha!). Just from the space it occupies, It has a total of 6 buildings namely Winter Palace (na dating balur ng russian emperors), Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, Hermitage Theatre and the Reserve House. The last two areas are only open to special ticket holders kung paano maging special.. pasesnsya na hindi ko knows, I-research ko muna but I think you just need to pay extra.

Ang chismis ay there are 3 million pieces in this museum. Well, hindi ako sure..hindi naman ako dun pumunta para magbilang noh. haha! But with the size of the museum, possible talaga.

Our tour guide Olga is so bongga that she had a secret entrance. Hoy, hindi kami nag-ober the bakod noh, nagbayad naman kami, may special lane lang si bonggang Olga so we didn’t have to line up.

This long line is normal for the Hermitage. BOX OFFICE HIT KA GIRL!

This is the grand entrance leading to the galleries

D + V at the main entrance

This is Olga. Guys, yung sa gitna ha… hahaha! Si bonggang Olga na forte magbangs!

Here’s my photo in one of my fave rooms. The Peacock room!

It’s called a peacock room. Well, papahula ko pa bakit? haha! Behind me is the PEACOCK CLOCK. The “clock” is a peacock on a gilded branch, an owl in a cake and a rooster. Our tour guide said (kung mali gupitin natin ang bangs nya) when they wind the clock the peacock tail rises up and rotates around, the owl moves and close open ang ganap ng eyes, and the rooster… umm… nakalimutan ko. Wala atang ganap. Pampaganda lang. hehe!

D + V

We went to a lot of different rooms (well, 3million nga daw ang laman d ba) but some rooms we weren’t allowed to take photos. Art for me is food for the soul. I’ve been to a couple of museums but grabe ang hermitage! ANG DAMI at hindi basta basta! BONGGA LAHAT!

I’ll show you my faves!

I don;t know what caught my attention here. I love how innocent this photo looks. When I started going to museums and being interested in art.. I asked my friend.. Ano ba yung bongga and paano ko malalaman. Sabi nya… It’s all personal baby. So from then on, hindi na ako naki-uso. Haha! I stare at those that I like hindi dahil sikat sya or what.

This is a PICASSO! You know what, in other museum you see one Picasso tapos sisingit ka pa sa dami ng taong nakapila. Sa hermitage, super daming PICASSO! Parang tatlo piso may libre pang lobo. haha! jk 🙂 But really, overflowing!

V and Matisse’s Dance

Super busog talaga yung pakiramdam ko (hinid kay V..mga baliw) because all the big names super daming artists na super daming pieces. Hindi pa isa isa, like room filled with Matisse, with Picassos, Kandiskys at iba iba pa.

My fave Kandisky piece. Ang laki nya! lalagay ko sana sa bag para iuwi hindi kasya. choz!

I don’t know this artist but i super like this work. Really caught my eye.

Aside from paintings, there are more art pieces that can be seen in the museum.

Bongga ng lampshade! haha! Kung kandila talaga yan mga isang oras ng manang kong sisindihan yan. haha!

Throne ko. CHoz! haha!

Tomb but wala na yung laman so chill lang kaya. Look how intricate!

V like watches and clocks. Pinilit ako fecturan ko sya. Sabi ko maraming ganyan sa probinsya.


View from the Hermitage


D + V (bat ang ganda ng araw sa Russia? Nakakafresh!)

D + V

Hay Naku, nilabanan na naman kami. haha!

If you guys have time, I suggest to visit a museum. It may not be your normal gimik but try nyo. I really think it’s refreshing for the soul. You don’t have to pretend to like what everybody likes, appreciate yung forte nyo. Stare, look at the treatment, try to dissect your emotions. What do you feel when you look at the art piece? More than discovering your artsy side, you discover yourself. Usually when i look at a painting or art piece, i think of what the artist is feeling.

More on Russia next post!

Much love,