Hi D! We saw ur bf 2 years ago at Bora while my friends and I we’re about to go island hopping. Our guy friends we’re laughing at us coz we’re so kilig. We recognized him right away because he’s the only tall guy..Victor was skimboarding with local kids…It was so nice to see a gorgeous celebrity enjoying his time playing with them under the hot summer sun..plus d abs…awesome moment!!! haha And after almost an hour of island hopping, we saw him once again on the shore still playing with those kids…amazing! So down to earth, just like u. Oh, and we also saw u guys at Greenbelt when we had our vacation in MNL. We we’re having our coffee and we saw u and Vic went inside a shop. Cute couple:) Kudos to u both!

Btw, so where do u plan to go this summer with Vic?

D: D magupload the photo! hassle! I wanna see pa naman. Yup, V is a freespirit talaga. Hindi sya ma-eckeck. That’s one thing I love about him. Kering keri namin makipagusap kahit kanino. I guess that’s why we are such good friends. Lahat chinichika namin 🙂 I’m not surprised sa kwento mo. When we were still friends, nakita ko sya sa ilalim ng flyover sa ortigas nakikipagskateboard sa mga street children. I opned the window and said “papupulis kita! bawal yan!” haha! Jokingly of course. 🙂

Much love,