I think the video showed our dynamics as a couple. He’s serious, deep and sweet, and I’m the magulo, maingay and makulet. Total opposites. I even got comments that made me laugh such as “super magka-iba kayo magsalita buti nagkakaintindihan kayo”. Haha! Nasanay nalang sya. When we were still friends palagi yang “huh? what? ano daw?”. Years of friendship …na-break in narin sya sa special language ko that can’t be taught in school (yes, ganun ka special- walang classes available). Honestly, I becky speak more than how I talk here. Na-concern lang ako because baka hindi na talaga maintindihan ng iba! haha!

Anyways, I have a thing for super baduy and funny playlists (i’ll be posting a video when we were babysitting my godson – huli sa background DONNA CRUZ ang playlist ko and yes 2011 yung video), watching kilig pinoy movies, and laugh-trip gimicks. I guess, na gets nya na. So his surprises are non-stop since yesterday (gumaganti for the surprise dinner if you haven’t seen it yet… read my post here! http://www.divinemlee.com/post/3270616282/watch-my-surprise-for-victor-since-i-love-you). But I really have to say the surprise I got last night made me crack up so bad! Very me talaga! Pinag-isipan!

A few days ago we watched MY AMNESIA GIRL on video. Tawa lang ako ng tawa. I was throwing him the funny lines the whole day. V is so not the type to use those lines. And when he does..he gets a big “WEHHH… D NGA? haha!” from me. He’s really deep and sweet. Mga tipong love letters that you can publish. So when he made this surprise, I knew nahirapan at pinagisipan nya.

FEBRUARY 13, 2011

I woke up with 2 huge floral arrangements in my house.

Sweet noh? Syempre, i ran to the room and said “BONGGGA NANG ARRANGEMENT SA SALA! Mainit ang ulo ni MILAN kasi wala syang bulaklak!” He just laughed and gave me a hug.

Through out the day, we had tasks to finish so medyo walang naganap. And I had my doctor come in to give us pneumonia shots because I’ve been quite sickly lately. We finished all our tasks pretty late so we had to rush to mass (last schedule buti naabutan). We ended mass at 9pm and decided to have dinner before heading to LIZ UY’s birthday party.

Dinner with V

I will post the ganap in LIZ’s party on another entry. I didn’t get to stay long since I have work extra early the morning after.

So eto na… when we got home. He gave me coupons! Yes, coupons. Didn’t I tell you guys I’m MS.DISCOUNTCARDS-COUPONS-REWARD POINTS? But he made the coupons. I’m sure he copied some of the sayings because super tagalog lang sya. But the eeeyffort is so funny! Here goes.. in order yan ha. (14 coupons for valentines).

This is the real V

Everyday, we argue about who will delegate the daily tasks like tell manong the errands, tell manang to buy this. Because whoever doesn’t delegate will get to sleep mga 5-10minutes longer. haha!

for me? baka novela yan. haha! jk 🙂

Hmmnnn… feeling ko masmagaling parin ako. haha!

I’ll pick my sunset spot 🙂

OO, madalas kasi ako sumpungin. Cute naman ako pag grouchy (usually pag gutom)

I was literally cracking up at this part!

Bago toh ha! D ko pa naririnig toh! haha!

Haba ng hair ko! Abot ba dyan?

EH PANO YUN…ADDIK AKO SAYO! (sabi ko marami akong baon na ganyan eh)


YEHEY! Ma-uuto ko na naman sya panoorin yung mga forte kong palabas. haha!

Meh ganun?

He calls me chipmunk because i look like one daw when i nail bite 🙂

Be creative today! Spread the love! Happy Valentines peep!

Much love,


Ps. day off ko sa pagsagot ng questions nyo today ha 🙂 Double load tomorrow.

Pps. Actually for sale na yung coupons. Mga becky baka gusto nyo? Haha! jk! 🙂