Summer time na ng bagets so I’m expecting more calls to TATA VINE. Cute noh? I have I tita who I call Tata. I never really thought about it much, when i had my own inaanaks, nagets ko na. They can’t say the word TITA so naging TATA!

So I invited them to watch Bieber’s movie “NEVER SAY NEVER”. Actually, it’s their second time. Ako talaga ang forte manood nito. haha! I missed a movie date with Mond Gutierrez and Nicole Anderson the night before so I had to look for movie dates! haha!

I love the kiddies and I’m usually the fave tita because I spoil them. Kahit anong gusto nila pwede gawin. Kung gusto nila humiga sa sahig..GOW, maligo ng 10 hours..GOW, kumain ng junkfood.. GOW! I feel guilty nga because little boy kiel was confined because I thought may AUTOMATIC stop ang mga bagets. When he was 3 or 4 years old, he slept over and asked for junk food. Lahat ng gusto nya, binigay ko. Naempatcho yung bagets. Ooopppsss… gagantihan daw ako ni FLORENCE (his mom) pagnagkaanak ako. haha!

Mahilig magtakbuhan ang mga bagets! Need to wear jeans!

Justin Viver. haha!

Romer and Kiel. It’s nice that the kids nowadays techy na talaga. The first few times I tried 3d movie , hindi ko natapos… NAHILO AKITCH! haha! Very lola!

I always like Justine Bieber but hindi naman ako fanatic. But his movie made me love him so much! Naiyak and touch ako sa mga ganap. Not only is he talented but he loves his fans talaga. His team and family are also todo support. YOU GUYS BETTER WATCH THE FILM. Bieliber na kayo after!

I’m no Justin expert but I saw something in the movie. He had talent but talent, madmai dyan. What made him different is hard work. He played on the streets dahil gusto nya lang magperform, he played in every music station when no one belived in him and he never stopped. In life, swerte pag magaling ka pero masbongga ang masipag and driven. I want you guys to think about something his manager shared. He said that they liked being the underdog because they don’t take anything for granted. The push and work double.

Watch it, even if you don’t end up being a bieliber, you will learn about hard work and perseverance.

The boys and yayo V

Nauto din ako ng kids to buy them small toys. So they were all excite to go home and play with it.

When we got home! hindi lang pala kids ang may paglalaruan…

V got a new Philips griller! He was so excited kaya ganado sya magluto! He cooked steak for that night!

Nung akala nya sya lang…

MERON DIN AKO! Yey! Philips sent our travel group a video cam each! I can’t wait to share the videos with you guys!

Milly playing with the boys! He’s very good with kids… Dalaga na ang anak ko! haha!

I’m so excited to use this! Para makita nyo ang adventures namin! YEY!

Much love,