Maganda toh pag may sounds ๐Ÿ™‚ Please click the link para full experience! haha!

Straight from Cebu. V arranged an overnight vacay for us in Bora.

Past month kasi medyo kaguluhan ang schedule namin. We’re both very busy and even our weekends are so action packed. V has been shooting a movie and serye so he usually has 24 hours taping while I am busy naman meetings, luca’s plans of moving a branch and advance work so I can take a vacay for holy week. Most of the time, nagkikita nalang kami pag gabi na or when we have somewhere to go. Eh d ba “emo” si V? Ayun, gusto ng private time. Kaya hindi din ako nakapagtweet and post because he said pati daw yun limited (Trust me, maloloka kayo sa cellphone ko..2 na nga sya tapos non-stop ang ring and buzz).

So when he cleared his weekend and I found out that I had work in Cebu, d sya nagpatinag and decided we can take a plane frome Cebu to Bora. I find this super sweet. Kahit overnight lang (although we really wanted to extend but he had a late night sunday shooting) we were able to enjoy each other’s company ng walang mga kaguluhan.

Sige, check out the photos while chinichika ko kayo.

While waiting for our Cebu-Bora flight. We saw my crazy friend HANNAH CRUZ! Kaloka sa wow mali this girl! Mali daw ticket nabili nya. Dapat from Manila to Bora but she got Manila-Cebu-Bora! These things are so common with our barkada.. mga wow mali moments! haha! Pero keri! tawa lang kami ng tawa! Yan ang positivity! hahaha!

Sabi nya “well, wala naman nawala sakin”. Gaga, meron kaya! ORAS at PAGOD! haha!


The whole plane nagamoy nailpolish. Ang kulet talaga nito!

We were shocked to see Hannah because we didn’t really assume bumping into a lot of people in Bora since one day lang kami….

But we were so wrong! In the waiting area we saw more friends! Yey! Joey and Ian! and then after i tweeted that I was in Bora. More friends texted na andun din sila! hahaha! Nagamuyan ba kami ng plano? haha! Some were there for the FHM event, some were just there for vacay but whatever the reason was… SUMMER NA TALAGA!

Joey and Ian

D + V

I was pretty excited! The last time 2 times I checked in sa Bora Shang was for my friend’s birthday and for my Tatler cover shoot. And both times, I had so much fun!

Here we are in the waiting area of Bora Shang. I lovet! Ibang iba sa mga bora adventures ko dati na nagtatakbuhan kami to catch the next boat. I think Shang and Discovery really changed the Bora experience. Although, i still miss how dati pinakakasya namin lahat kami sa trike and pump boat. haha!

All the transfers comes with the package of the room so there’s no need to worry about how to get to the island.

V + D (ayan, nagrereklamo akong terno na naman ang bag sa life vest… ano ba toh? una terno ako sa statua na zebra (see the zebra problem here:::


Can’t wait to get to the island!!

The port of Bora Shang is far from the white beach that we know of. I know V picked this para hindi ako rumapa na naman sa gabi. We also wanted to relax and chill din naman so keri. A lot of my bora trips in the past consisted of non-stop partying that maspagod pako nung pag-uwi. I knew that V wanted a relaxing day, given that overnight lang kami.

Medyo gloomy noh. Well, masgloomy para sakin kasi nakashades ako. bwahaha! Buti nalang pinaalala tangalin ko. hindi naman pala ganun ka grabe ang kulimlim.

From the dock, they take you in these golf carts to the main lobby. GUSTO KO TALAGA SYA i-drive. Ayaw pumayag. haha!

After check-in we went straight to the beach. It’s V’s first time in Shang bora so I took him around.

The main beach of shang is small and very private but their pool is bongga sa laki. Marami din photo opportunity! haha!

When V saw this part.. niloko nya ko to copy my Tatler cover. haha! we shot it here.

I actually forgot my pose na. But keri!

After mag emote sa beach we went to lunch and then chilled in the room for a bit. Ang bongga kasi sa relasyon namin ni V is we really enjoy talking to one another. Nagugulat din ako pano kami nagkakaintindihan. I guess our friendship is really a strong foundation na lahat ata napagusapan na namin sa ilang oras yet hindi parin kami nauubusan ng pagkwekwentohan.

For dinner, V wanted seafood! So we went to sirena for an outdoor dinner.

While we were having our pre-dinner cocktails. We were lucky na may kasal! Yes, swerte ko talaga sa fireworks! FREE SHOW! haha!

Thank God for self timer.

We stayed a bit longer in the terrace coz the view was soooo amazing! Pwedeng pang love story ang moments!

After dinner, ang makulet kong paa actually suggested we go party sa white beach. But V had other plans and mas bongga yung kanya…

He wanted to chill by Shang’s private beach. Chikahan kami til late. Buti nalang the bar was closed coz for sure kawawa naman ang mga waiters dahil lalo kaming magtatagal. We watched the super moon from here. Pero d sya masyado nagpaexperience. Supladang super moon!

V emote.

The next day was our flight back home. We woke up early so we can catch the sun and go MEEMEENG. Eh, wit ang sunny side up na araw. Nagtago sya. But we still chilled by the beach.

Look at our food plate. V for burger. D for adobo. Deadma kung nasa beach ako. GUSTO KO ADOBO! haha!

I’m so happy that V planned this little getaway. Too bad we can’t stay longer coz we had to fly back for his shooting and I had an early Monday meeting. Keri na.

To all the couples, it’s nice to reconnect na wit kaguluhan. This trip, V made me put my phone on silent and no computers. Sometimes kasi, even if you guys are always together… people tend to multitask and ang daming inaachieve that we forget the basic foundation of relationships- healthy conversation. It’s nice that we were able to update each other sa kaganapan both in ideas and our spiritual state. Call us corny, but in that one day we rediscovered each other na kahit one month sa Manila hindi namin maachieve.It’s nice to see that we’re still on the same path. ๐Ÿ™‚

I always praise technology and all the advance chuchu of the world but I have to admit na dahil din dito kaya sobrang busy lahat ng utash. Totoo yung..”stop and smell the flowers” (pwedeng in essence or literal). Part of enjoying life and love is realizing the beauty of the world. The simple things and the things that money can’t buy. OO, hindi ako hypocrita and V did book me in a nice hotel. But you know, kahit naman sa islang bahay kubo lang kami, we would have talked and enjoyed each others company the same way. I guess kaya hindi kami machenes ng mga intriga kasi ang hilig namin magreconnect. People grow and some people grow apart. I know a lot of you guys have been through that one way or another (mapa love life or friendship). So to avoid that, I think this is one way of reminding each other and assuring each other na pareho parin kayo ng pangarap and wishes.Mag time out kayo ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes, we forget to admire the simple joys of life. Magtampisaw sa alon kahit gaano ka baduy, humiga sa damuhan kahit cheezy, and just to admire that no two sunsets are ever alike. So try to catch as much sunsets as you can. You can never replicate that kind of beauty. Money, things and all other stuff; we can lose but memories that make us smile are ours forever. At mahirap din ishare yun kasi kahit gaano ako kagaling mag demonstrate or kwento… you can never ever replicate or describe the feeling.

So bilis na… chumuwariwap at reconnect na kayo ๐Ÿ™‚ Friends, family, love birds ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,