OH. MY. GOD. Eto na ang pinaka-matagal naming hinihintay!!! PINOY PRIDE!!!


There you have it!

Ok- I’m editing this post para you guys can see 🙂 Best in react kasi kagad tayo.

We should all be proud. Big accomplishment for pinoys eto! ako nga ang super happy. As for the LEEROY and KERMIT COLLABRATION. Yes, wala naman nagdedeny they worked on it together, d ba? Maybe if there’s any mistake puro Kermit yung na tweet. When indeed it should be both of them. I guess, kasi people know Kermit more as a designer than Leeroy as an artist. But syempre both dapat.

I picked up that piece, well yung drivam ko, sa balur ni LEEROY while KERMIT is there. We picked it up had my friend na FA bring it to NYC, V’s sister picked it up. And brought it to Nicola. Then from there, House of Gaga made some alterations. KERMIT didn’t touch that piece from the day nang driver sa house.

So there d ba? Ako, i’m super happy for what they have achieved! Sana clear na, Just called Kermit and he replied na to Leeroy. We should celebrate both talents and collab 🙂 And let’s wait for the credits. Don’t be too quick to judge when we should be celebrating their achievement!

UPDATED: Here is an official credit for LADY GAGA’s head stylist NICOLA FORMICHETTI


To those who judge KERMIT too quickly that he wanted all the credit…. See? kawawa naman si bagets 🙁 And for those naman who felt kawawa si Leeroy, sad na nagulo pa friendship nung dalawa because we all reacted too quickly. As i said before. They are both so talented! Let us celebrate this collab!

Much love,