Lip Kit by Kylie

There’s something about Kylie’s lips na talagang ayaw natin umawat noh?
 photo 5 lancamento-kit-para-labios-da-kylie-jenner-kylie-matte-liquid-lipstick-and-lip-liner-5 1_zpshfptfpzx.jpg
Read more about her own lipstick line! And find out how to get your own!

If you are a makeup junkie like me, alam nyo parang Yamashita gold eto. Can you believe it was sold out in a day but it also it’s retailing in eBay for 1k USD! hilo ba sila?
 photo 6 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Swatches_zpsqpgm7kkr.jpg

Well, buti nalang nag chika si Kylie sa IG so mag re-issue sya nung mga out of stock. The first batch came in 3 colors.

 photo 7 candyk61_zpsgyiwoo5s.jpg
Matte talaga ang labanan!
 photo 8 Kylie-Wearing-Candy-K_zpszkahqqli.jpg
 photo 9 Khloeacute-Wearing-Candy-K_zpswa6vn3ec.jpg
This is very similar to the first color for me…

 photo 10 dolcek51_zpsllrf8hcs.jpg
 photo 11 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit_zpswp8ujeac.jpg
 photo 12 Message-From-Kylie_zpsmra28e8b.jpg
Eto yung pinaka dark for this line. Kailangan ata may konting dasal pag ginamit toh ng newbies sa makeup.
 photo 13 truebrownk31_zpswwpx9zfe.jpg
 photo 14 Kylie-Wearing-TrueBrown-K_zpsvj5xdlth.jpg
 photo 15 Another-Photo-Kylie-Wearing-Her-Lip-Gloss_zpszixckfw5.jpg
 photo 16 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Packaging_zpsunc2vild.jpg
 photo 17 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Glosses_zpspv2kmlsr.jpg
 photo 18 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Swatches 1_zpsigvoklnr.jpg
It comes with a lip liner, na crucial talaga sa lipchook.
 photo 19 Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Pencils_zps06heqhs9.jpg
 photo 20 Full-Offering_zpsyimhwvmx.jpg
 photo 21 Kylie-Wearing-One-Her-Lip-Colors_zpsklxxw2li.jpg
But wait there’s more daw! She will be releasing 3 more colors! May sweet kasi pinkish and red! photo 4 20160204234116_zpsqjnfgznn.jpg
I have no patience mag abang sa internet. Buti nalang i have SHOP HK for that.
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