I like the question I got a few days ago about haters. What do I do with them daw?

This was the query:

Anonymous asked: hAAyiiiiiiiii Miss D!

Just wanna ask, despite all the positive feedbacks, do u still get HATE messages?

and if yes, who’d you handle it?
ps. I so Love you.

Not so much. But when I do, I’ll give them reasons to love me 🙂 I’m not perfect naman baka tama din sila, so at least I can improve and be better 🙂

Haters are probably just misunderstood. If given the proper communication line baka magkaintindihan kami.

Much love,


Unbelievably, I rarely get hate messages. Except for a few. I actually got one today. That’s why i felt like I needed to repost this. The one who got attacked someone very close to me and how the person values relationships. Honestly, d ko dapat papansinin kasi anonymous. And echoserang post kasi d nya naman knows yung tao. But again, people all have opinions and kung yun ang tancha nya ok lang. I refuse to answer anonymous hate mails because I feel like it’s just right to say your name and show your face if you have something bad to say about another person.

I would love to answer but I don’t want to give the hater that much airtime na mapublish pa ang post nya habang ang daming masmeaningful na naghihintay ng post nila. And I also think, I can convert that hater or at least make him/her understand if bigyan nya ako nang chance. But then again…anonymous sya. Hindi ko rin magawang improve yung sarili ko because the post was not about me- pero I will say my piece because it’s someone i care about. So to the hater, I will pray na maging masaya ka. Your hate might be from sadness. I try my best to make people happy, and in return pinapasaya din ako ng bonggang bongga ng readers here. Darkness is indeed scared of light kasi masbongga ang positivity ng ibang readers compared sa isang hate message mo about that person. I opened the anonymous questions for people without tumblr so that i can help them with their queries. I hope you don’t take that away from them.

And if may angal ka, bakit sakin mo sinasabi? takbo ka sa presinto at dun magpaliwanag. 🙂 Sana you don’t judge people whether pa pa looks, wallet, assumptions, etc. Kasi lahat yun nawawala. Ang important is naging mabuti kang tao, yung ang hinihingi ni San Pedro na report above.

I wish you the happiness we have here. Sana next time, makijoin ka nalang sa tawa. Love ka namin kasi baka misunderstood mo lang kami so wag kanang sad para d ka na hateful.

Much love,